• She had accepted his words of apology. They had seemed so promising and so did he. It had been an awkward relationship for a slight moment. A horrible deed done just to be completely erased from her sensitive eyes. Did he love her and only her now?

    Paranoia infiltrated her subconscious, every other he had spoken to was a suspect. There was no strong trust, but oh how she wished for there to be! The Temptress had vanished for the while, but only for the moment. She would be continuously obsessed with checking in. Claiming him as hers alone. What a failure she was to worry so much for another soul. Her weakness was his love.

    Again she was in a state of disturbed thinking. It was either that he had gone off in search for the Temptress, or was willing to leave her in solitude. Revenge was never a sweet flavor to her. But if it would bring him into realization, then she would risk it all.

    Soon she found herself in the luxuries of admirers, most of which she had began to interact. It was never a too sexual interaction. The admirers were not to take away her virtue, nor dirty her vessel. There were many ways she had wished that he and only he would please her. No other would do this.

    She imagined her bodice, trembling to the very brink of death as she could feel of his lips musing their ways over her skin. He would place kisses along her jaw to the gape of her neck. Each kiss filled with an amount of passion which would make her fall into Hell and believe it to be Heaven. She would beg for this sensation more than anything else desired.

    Would he give to her need?