• We closed the door and Jamar told me. "You look...You look..wow! The truth is....You are h-o-t, hot!" "Well thanks. As a matter of fact, I think YOU are hot too." I blushed.
    Wow!!! He said I was was hot! Well, I guess I am. From the amount of people saying it.
    "Don't mind my older. I mean younger brother's crappy car. But don't worry. It just came out of the washing machine." He said in joke then started laughing. I did too.
    "I heard that little bro. MAN! Just get in the car!" He said offended and gave Jamar a little shove. I got in his old 70s party van. Man! It is crappy. Well, not to offend him. But, what kind of drunk girls have been in here! There is throw up stains all over the ground. And...oh my god.....There is a THONG!!!!!! That is the grossest thing EVER!
    "Ummm..Jamar. I see a thong." I whispered in Jamar's ear.
    "Are you serious! Ya know, you gotta expect that of boys. He is I think 22 years old..I mean 2 yrs."
    "Yeah...not all boys are like him ya know..i mean actually a lot of boys are respectful and not like him," I chuckled to myself. "Okay peeps, we here. Get out of the car now." He said while it looked like he was looking at my butt. Are you serious! Well, we do live in some pretty bad school systems. In California, it can be a living hell sometimes. That is some crazy brother Jamar got though.
    "I'm thirsty" I said. It was the only trick I could pull off. "Well, my friend got some beer outside of the school." He replied, "Do you drink." "I've actually never tried it. I'll..have some I guess."
    "You don't have to ya know. I'm serious." He said with a dead-serious face.
    "Ya! I'll have some." I tried to tell him clearly.

    We walked to where his friend was and yeah. He had a whole keg of beer. I was just gonna have a sip then stop.
    "And what would your fine figure's name." He says sounding drunk.
    "Don't mind my "friend". He's just a little..weird. And, don't tell him your name." Jamar told me. "Got it....which beer is less poisoning?" I asked making a joke (even though I wasn't).
    "Well, for beginners. I'd choose the Bud Light. They call it light for a reason" He said.
    I agreed and he handed me the beer. "Take a sip. Tell me if you like it. And don't over due the drinking" He said then laughed a little. I took the smallest sip I could then another small one and stopped. It was nasty actually. How do people like this?!
    I through away the can of beer and we headed in the gym (where the dance is). The music played the song,
    "Please Don't Stop the Music" by Rhianna. We started to dance a little then I said "I'm bored of dancing." "Yeah, I usually never dance..but, I dunno." Jamar said. Stephanie ran over to me. "Oh my god Mary. You're gorgeous!" She said with excitement. "Thanks! So do you!" I said trying to overcome the music. Stephanie had a median length purple dress. The dress had a big bow on it and she had a black rose clip on. Her hair was let loose and she had a beautiful diamond necklace on that she got from me on her birthday. I love Stephanie's hair, it is so long and is also wavy. Her beautiful black hair with that gorgeous Spanish look to her. But she doesn't wear the heels her mom got her. She's such a tomboy! Instead she wore converses. "This music is loud!" I screamed into Stephanie's ear. "Yeah! It is!" She yelled back. "Hey Mary! Lets go somewhere we can talk privatively..like..behind the school!" Jamar tried to whisper (actually screaming) in my ear. "Okay..why?!" I asked. Then I remembered the note. It said to meet at 9:00 pm today. Why though?! "Come on!" He said.

    to be continued....