• A Family Problem:
    Hey... uh Jessa called. She wants to know if we could have a reunion or something. <beat> It's been so long... I'm not sure I even know what she looks like anymore. <beat> Look, I know she moved out, and I know she didn't do it quietly, but that was almost seven years ago, Dad! People change! <beat> And this wasn't the first time she called. She really wants to see us again, and I want to see her again <beat>. Let me guess, "Sure, I'll set something up later," It's always later! It's always some other time until you forget it entirely. <beat>
    Ever since mom passed, that's all you've ever done. You've been so occupied with work that you push everything aside so that you can spend the rest of the day in your study! But every time you're at the desk... the computer's not on, and you're not really working... are you? <beat>
    We're worried about you, Dad. Jessa's worried about you, <beat> but of course you're just going to ignore me... aren't you? Just push me aside like you did Jessa!
    I know she wasn't you're daughter, but she was more of a sibling to me then my brothers were. When I got hurt, she helped me, and I did the same for her! More than anyone could say about Zack... Then when she moved... you acted like the trash just took itself out!
    What's wrong with you! Mom's gone, Zack's in prison and Derek won't even look another person in the eye after what happened! <beat> But all you've done is stay here... alone...
    I'm calling her back, and I'm going to see her... you can stay here and sulk if you want, Dad.<beat>
    Dad?<beat>...Dad!?<beat> Dad answer me!