• "Readers, I'm still not dead yet." I said with a smile

    As I open my eyes, I felt warm and firm. But, I felt arkward by the gasp of heavy breath and loud grunt.

    "That is it, I have had it!!!!" wined a young, calmed voice.

    A sound of a witchly, manly, and heavy laugh burst loudly.

    "Your too weak to carry her, that is why it explains that you can't even drag a bag of rice within a yard from that hill." it struggles to speak in its laughter.

    I open my eyes real wide, raise my head, and kick my legs as if I were swimming.

    "WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I yelled with tears running down my cheeks.

    Then I hit the face of a boy that was carrying me, whose hair is dark black and a mysterious, purple eyes and was wearing a white baggy T-shirt and black jeans.