• CAST::
    Gaia Name: Raphael_Vespion- Character- Raphael
    Gaia Name: Reaper Offspring- Character- Reaper
    Gaia Name: Emiillyy- Character- Emily
    Gaia Name: xXDeath GhostXx- Character Name: Ghost
    Gaia Name: Ayane Karasaki- Character Name- Ayane
    Gaia Name- XxMy Only LovexX- Character name- Nightmare
    Gaia Name- Sugar Filled Puppu- Character Name- Sugar

    May 2nd...1984.
    The Arizona Desert Road.

    *The Arizona Desert. One narrow road cuts through the desert. Sand and tumbleweeds glide across the Desert. There's very little wind, and the temperature is 101 Degrees. By the main road is a small gas station. It looks like it hasn't been taken care of in weeks. Walls are cracked, and beer bottles were on the ground, messy looking. There were no electric poles or wires near. A black mini van, carrying a medium-sized trailer drive up to the gas station. The van stops and a guy, the age of 20 opens the door and gets out the van. He looks around and makes a disgusted face. A girl, the age of 18 gets out the passanger seat and walks toward him. Her name is Ayane.*

    Ayane: Is anybody here?

    Raphael: Hey! Just wait inside the van.

    Ayane: I can't! I got to stretch my goddamn legs, dude.

    *Inside the van, Reaper, the age of 18 looks outside, and wakes the youngest of the friends, Emily up, who is 16.*

    Reaper: Emily! Get up.

    *Emily jumps awake.*

    Emily: What the hell, Reaper?

    *Emily gets out of the van. In the trailer, Sugar, the age of 19 is baking something in the oven, and Nightmare and Ghost, both 18, are lying down on the couch.*

    Nightmare: This...is taking forever.

    Sugar: Learn to deal with it.

    *She smirks, as Nightmare chuckles.*

    Ghost: I mean, really, we couldn't take the plane?

    Sugar: Ghost, don't start.

    Ghost: No, look! We've taken this thing before...and remember how long it took us to get from Florida to South Carolina??

    Sugar: Well...look at it as a good thing...like you get to see me longer!

    *A man, from the gas station comes out of the store, and walks toward them.*

    Raphael: Ugh, finally. Fill the whole tank, please.

    Man: You got it.

    *The man didn't look well. His teeth were yellow and some had fallen out. His clothes looked really dirty, and he had a large cigar in his mouth. The tank was filling up, per pint.*

    Man: So, where you guys headed?

    Ayane: Las Veegass!

    Man: Oh? How long have you huys been driving?

    Raphael: A while.

    *Ayane takes out her purse and digs through it.*

    Ayane: My friend Raphael decided to take the long way...again. >.>

    *She takes out mascara, and starts putting it on, and she looks at herself through her mirror.*

    *Suddenly, the dog from the trailer jumps at a window, and barks which startles everyone.*

    Raphael: Dammit! GHOST! GET THAT DOG!

    *From the trailer, Ghost grabs Rex's collar and forces him down.*

    Raphael: Damn dog...

    *From behind the gas station, Emily is washing her face by a faucet nearby. Reaper walks toward her.*

    Reaper: That water has fish semen, you know.

    *Emily splashes water at him, and he jumps back. Michael laughs and walks over to a tree.*

    Reaper: Don't worry, it'll be a good trip we're taking.

    Emily: Hell yeah! Sure.. >.>

    *Outside the van, Raphael and Ayane wait for the gas to get filled up.*

    Raphael: How much is that going to be?

    Man: Fourty bucks.

    *Ayane chuckles.*

    Ayane: You're joking....right?

    Man: Does it look like I'm joking, girl?

    *Ayane is about to say something, but Jeff interupts.*

    Raphael: Okay..

    *He takes out his wallet.*

    Raphael: Here's fourty.

    *He hands it to the man, and the man takes it.*

    Ayane: Okay, that's a bunch of bullshit.

    Man: Excuse me?

    Ayane: You heard me!

    Raphael: Okay, we're leaving, Ayane come on.

    *Ayane listens, and gets in the passanger seat. Reaper and Emily come back, and they get in the back seat of the van. The Man knocks on Raphael's window. Raphael rolls it down.*

    Man: You know...there's a short-cut here. if you take the next left...about a mile from here...it's take you straight to Las Vegas...it'll save you a few hours. It's not too far from here. It'll take you right to Las Vegas.

    Raphael: Oh...thanks, mister.

    *Ayane glares at the Man. Raphael rolls up the window, and drives off. The Man watches after them. He smirks and takes another large puff of his cigar. He then walks into his store.*

    *Raphael follows the Man's directions, and they're driving on the short-cut road.*

    Ayane: Should we really be following that guy's directions. He's probably trying to get us lost. Like, seriously.

    Reaper: I don't know. He seemed kind of nice to me!

    Ayane: Reaper, shut up. >:3

    Raphael: You guys got in a little arguement. You think it REALLY got to him?

    Ayane: Uh...YEAH. He was creepy as all hell.

    Emily: Let's just not talk about it...and let's just get to Las Vegas.

    *In the trailer, Nightmare, Ghost and Sugar are sitting on the couch. Sugar is petting Rex.*

    Ghost: Is your nasty cake ready yet?

    *He laughs as Sugar throws a pillow at him.*

    Sugar: You know, I can just give you nothing...and let you starve tonight!

    Nightmare: It's a joke!

    Sugar: Ghost...do you know when to...shut your mouth?

    *Ghost looks at Nightmare.*

    Ghost: See? Now that was mean.

    *Nightmare laughs.*

    Sugar: Whatever. I'll have that cake to..myself! > biggrin

    *She gets up and checks on the cake. She then turns the heat down.*

    *In the van, they're still driving.*

    Ayane: I think we're somewhere on the left...of this road right here.

    Emily: I think we're lost. Seriously, we should have taken the main road.

    Ayane: Thankyou!

    Raphael: Look, we're going to be FINE. Alright?

    Reaper: Yeah, stop worrying so much. That's how your white hairs grow.

    Ayane: Ugh...PLEASE don't make me shoot you.

    *Suddenly, a mysterious man aims a revolver at their tires and shoots, from behind a small bush. The van and trailer suddenly go haywire.*

    *Emily and Ayane start screaming.*

    Reaper: What the hell??

    *Raphael tries to fix the van, but it's going out of control. Going right and left. From inside the trailer, the frying pan falls, and it almosts lands on Sugar's leg. Nightmare screams, as the curtain falls on her.*

    Ghost: What the hell is happening??

    Nightmare: I don't know!

    *Rex barks, and jumps. Sugar slides to a counter, hitting her waist hard.*

    Raphael: Hold on!!!

    *The van suddenly crashes into a large hill, causing everything to go foward, critically, and the front of the van is DAMAGED.*

    *Everyone gets out of the vehicles, and they all walk to each other.*

    Raphael: Are you guys okay??

    Nightmare: You okay??

    Sugar: Yeah, we're fine!

    Ayane: We're fine, too.

    Ghost: What the hell happened??

    Raphael: I don't know, it blew out!

    Reaper: He might've rolled over a sharp rock or something.

    Sugar: Oh My God, what the hell happened?

    *Emily gets out, with a slight cut on her forehead.*

    Ayane: Emily, you okay??

    *She walks up to her.*

    Emily: Yeah, I'm fine!

    Ghost: What the hell happened to the tire?

    Raphael: I don't know!

    Nightmare: We can't just sit here.

    Reaper: Alright everyone calm down!

    *Sugar is trying her cell phone, but they can't get signal.*

    Sugar: Damn!

    Raphael: No signal?

    Sugar: Nope...nothing.

    *Rex walks out the trailer.*

    Ghost: Well, we can't just sit here. We need to do something!

    Ayane: Like what? We're in the middle of no where!

    Ghost: I don't know, but something!

    *Emily walks off in the distance and looks up at the sky.*

    *She then takes a deep breath.*

    Emily: We're so screwed.....