• Chapter 1
    It was a magical day in Royal Gardens. The sun was gleaming over the florescent flower beds, the fairies were celebrating at their annual festival, and the mermaids were dancing in the glistening Rainbow Pool beneath the fairy tree. Everything seemed so perfect at the Flora Castle. The Florin Castle was sparkling and the village below the castle appeared tranquil. In fact, everything was perfect that morning except for the Darkalias Castle, which was about a mile away from the Florin Castle. Deep fog, gloomy gray clouds, and dark fairies surrounded the Darkalias Castle.
    Kara shuddered as she watched the storm begin at the Darkalias Castle. “Something isn’t right,” she muttered under her breath. “I think it’s time to go, Molly.” Kara picked stood up from the table and pulled her long silky hazel hair behind her ears.
    “Thanks for the breakfast Nilly!” Molly smiled as she walked with Kara out of the fairy tree in the Royal Gardens. Molly and Kara were magical garden gnomes who lived together in the Florin Castle which was adjacent to the Royal Gardens.
    “Yeah, thanks so much for the delicious ambrosia Nilly,” Kara added as she walked across the bridge back to the castle with a worried look.
    “No problem!” shouted Nilly the fire fairy from the fairy tree. “Feel free to come back anytime, all right? Are you sure you don’t want to stay for the festival?”
    “Yeah, please stay!” begged Analisia the air fairy. “You’re so much more fun than Nilly, Molly.”
    “Sorry,” Molly laughed. “We really have to get going back to the castle and make sure that everything is going dandy in the village, but I promise, we’ll be back soon!” Molly hopped over rocks in the pool and raced Kara over another bridge and into the castle.
    “We should come to the Royal Gardens more often,” Kara smirked as she took off her pearly white gladiator shoes and her royal blue sweater.
    “I know we should, but you know we have to take care of the village, Kara. It’s our duty as Florin heroes! You should know that better than anyone,” Molly pointed out. “Anyways, I saw your face at breakfast. It was like you were in a trance or something. You didn’t even speak when Nilly asked you if you wanted seconds.”
    Kara looked down. “I know this may seem weird, but I think something is going terribly wrong at Darkalias Castle. I mean, haven’t you noticed all the dark clouds? Something is definitely brewing over there, I can feel it. I know the village seems so calm and peaceful, but I just know something is going to happen!”
    Molly stared at Kara as she straightened her plaid blue skirt and took off her golden flat boots. “How can you be so sure?” Molly questioned, doubtfully. “I mean the fairies haven’t said anything and they can always sense when something bad is about to happen, right?”
    “Are you questioning my authority?” Kara asked putting her hands on her hip. “I’m sure something is wrong.”
    “It’s not that. It’s just I thought our ancestors already made peace with the Darkalias people seven hundred years ago,” Molly whispered waving her hands frantically in the air.
    “Why are you whispering?” Kara rolled her eyes. “It’s not like… oh wait.”
    “They might have spies!” Molly squeaked, grabbing Kara by the arm. “Let’s go check with the fairies to see if they sense anything.” Molly and Kara dashed out the door, forgetting their shoes.
    Chapter 2
    They quickly broke down the door to the fairy tree and gasped as they saw no fairies in sight.
    “Who’s there?” Kristy, the Earth fairy, squealed from beneath the staircase.
    “It’s just us,” Kara assured as she looked around the tree. Everything was a mess. The food was gone, the tables were turned, and the windows were cracked open.
    “Where are all the fairies?” Molly gasped as she searched the cupboards to see if any fairies were still here.
    “I don’t know,” Kristy stuttered as she stumbled out from beneath the staircase. “They were just here a minute ago. I mean, I was in the bathroom when I heard the windows break. I couldn’t see anything, since I was in the bathroom and all, but I think that all the fairies were captured in bottles by Asila and her evil minions!”
    “This is terrible!” Molly cried as she collapsed on the couch.
    Suddenly, Merilla, the mail carrier, entered. “Mail for the cousins,” she shouted through the knocked-down door. “Whoa, what happened here? Looks like someone got in a fight. Hey, what happened to all the fairies? I heard there was supposed to be a festival today.”
    Kristy broke down into tears. “There was a party,” she cried, “but then Asila came with her evil minions and took everyone away. I don’t even know why!” Her dainty green frock was soaked with her tears.
    “Can I see that letter, Merilla?” Kara pleaded anxiously.
    “Sure thing,” Merilla smiled as she handed the letter to Kara. “I’m not sure who it is from, but here you go!” Merilla quickly exited the fairy tree to avoid any drama. She preferred to stay out of battles, and it smelled like one was coming.
    “Well?” Molly nibbled her thumb nail. “What does it say? I bet the letter is from Asila.”
    “It says to come to the Darkalias Castle so that Asila can explain the rules,” Kara stated. Kristy began sobbing.
    “Don’t worry, Kristy,” Molly stated reassuringly. “Kara and I will make everything better again.”
    “We will?” Kara asked, filled with excitement. “We’ve never actually saved anyone before as Florin heroes. Everything has always been so peaceful in the village and the Royal gardens. The Darkalias Castle folks have never been any trouble to us before. Our ancestors made sure of it a long time ago, remember?”
    “What difference does it make? Put on your armor, Kara. It’s go time!” Molly directed with a smirk.

    Chapter 3
    Molly and Kara stood on the castle balcony in their battle costumes. The Darkalias Castle seemed darker than usual.
    “I think we better rally up more help,” Molly suggested. “Time is of the essence.”
    “OK. I think we should round up help from Rainbow Pool in Royal Gardens,” Kara added.
    They stood up and walked casually to Rainbow Pool. “I highly doubt any mermaids would want to get into trouble,” Molly said.
    “We’ll see. I mean there are like hundreds of mermaids there, and I think at least one is willing to help us,” Kara informed as she skipped on the rocks to the front gate of Rainbow Pools.
    They walked up to the pool carefully making sure they didn’t step on any towels.
    “Wow I never noticed Rainbow Pool is like a beach indoors,” Kara bent over and pick up a handful of sand. “Look, at the sand.”
    Molly nodded anxiously looking for any signs of mermaids. “Where are all the mermaids?”
    “I think they’re in a different room. Look here comes one now let’s ask,” Kara sped up to the mermaid and said, “Hi, do you know where all the mermaids are?”
    “What’s wrong with me?” The mermaid covered her mouth and laughed.
    “Do you want to help us fight Asila? She bottled up all the fairies and took them somewhere.” Molly busted in the conversation.
    “Um… Sure, I’ll catch up later,” She waved good bye and went into the tanning room. “By the way, I’m Aly.”
    “Well that wasn’t any help,” Kara whined.
    “Don’t worry she’ll catch up with us later,” Molly reminded.
    “Let’s just go back to the castle and plan it out,” Kara sighed.
    As they glided back to the castle an odd figure crossed their path.
    “Uh, excuse me,” Kara tried to walk past him.
    “I heard you gnomes need help. I could help you…,” He said, “My name is Bub. I’m the guard on the weekends,” He offered his hand.
    “Oh cool, we need all the help we can get,” Kara shook his hand in disgust. His hand was rough and filthy. Kara looked over to Molly and mouthed, “Help me!”
    “Thanks. We should get going,” Bub pushed them away from the castle.
    “We didn’t even start planning yet!” Kara whined again.
    “It’s go time,” He smiled creepily.

    Chapter 4
    Molly and Kara locked arm as they shivered outside of Darkalias Castle.
    “What is taking Bub so long in there?” Molly complained.
    “I don’t know but if he doesn’t come out soon then we’re leaving,” Kara assured.
    Then a tall, green gnome popped out of the castle. She was wearing a purple cloak with gold stitches. She had a dagger holder, holding a dagger inside.
    “Welcome to Darkalias Castle. I am Asila. My minions have talked to that smart guard and will let him out in a jiffy,” She stood up straight.
    “So are you just going to stand there or tell us the rules of the game?” Kara secured her armor.
    “You think this is a game?” She boomed, “I do not play games!”
    “Well, hurry up and tell us the rules to this thing,” Molly folded her arms across her chest.
    “Well then, I have hidden two of your precious fairies in bottles around Royal Gardens,” She informed. “To make it fair I have bottled up two of my fairies and hidden them randomly,” She pulled out her dagger. “You need to find your fairies before we find ours. Then we will declare peace. If not have fun in the dungeons.” She slammed her dagger into the ground and a purple flame burst around her. “GO!” Asila disappeared.
    “Where are we going to find them?” Kara cried.
    “We’ll need lots of help.” Molly said.
    They walked a different path exploring the land.
    “Don’t worry Fluffs I will find all of you a home.” Molly and Kara heard a voice say.
    “I think it came from over here.” Molly replied. They walked over to a green meadow.
    “Oh, hello there, my name is Ginny.” She said to a fluff. She had pointy ears that were green. She had a baby blue, ankle high dress. She was kneeling down talking to a fluff.
    “Hi there,” Molly started. She noticed the pearl on Ginny’s dress changed colors as Molly talks.
    “Ah! Oh it’s just you…” She said, “Molly and Kara right? Yes, you guys rule Royal Gardens. The fluffs told me you were going to come.” She winked.
    “Yah, I’m Kara, and this is my cousin Molly.” Kara introduced.
    “That’s nice. Who is he?” Ginny pointed to a bush. Molly went over to the bush and pulled out a green arm.
    “It’s just Bub, he’s on our side.” Molly giggled.
    “Well, why are you here Florin sisters?” Ginny asked brushing her electric blue hair with her fingers.
    “Well, Asila, the evil witch thingy, bottled some fairies and hid them around Royal Gardens,” Molly was anxious to hear her answer.
    “You want me to help? Of course I’m willing to help!”Ginny waved good bye to the fluffs and they all set off.

    Chapter 5
    “AJ, are they under the bridge?” Asila asked harshly. She pushed her hair to the side and stepped on a rock so she could get a better view of Royal Gardens.
    “I don’t know your majesty,” AJ said barely lifting a boulder. “Why do we have to play fair?” AJ asked checking his watch.
    “It’s not like we’re going to lose,” Asila demanded. “Now check under the bridge!” She rolled her eyes and checked around a bush.
    “Whatever,” AJ looked under the bridge and hollered, “I found Collin,” AJ picked up a bottle with a male fairy in it. AJ jumped up and down and side to side.
    “Hey, stop that! Can’t a fairy have feelings?” Collin said putting his arms across his chest and pouting.
    “Give me that,” She grabbed the bottle from his boney hand and quickly put it in her purple dress pocket.
    Bob squatted down on his fat, hairy legs to look under a rock but he was still too tall to see anything.
    “Get up you fool!” blurted Asila as she slapped Bob in the face. She took a wand out of her pocket and said forcefully, “Wand, tell me where Molly and Kara Florin are headed next.”
    “They are headed to Flower Clouds,” The wand replied. The wand was red and had glitter on it.
    “Have they found any bottled fairies yet?” Asila shook the wand. “Tell me!”
    “They have found one named, Analisia,” The wand did a shake and turned off.
    “Stupid wand always turns off,” Mort interrupted. Mort had a crab stuck to his arm.
    Asila shook her head and rolled her eyes when she saw the crab. She took out the wand and zapped it. “You’re such an idiot. It’s a tie right now so they have a chance of winning.”
    “Chill out dude. We’ll find Lilly,” Mort patted Asila on the back.

    Chapter 6
    “Hey, Bub, don’t you like Nilly?” Kara giggled.
    Bub hit his head and explained, “No, she likes me! She’s the one stalking me, and unfortunately, all her friends keep making fun of me.” Bub turns and glares at Kara. “I know who Mort likes…,” Bub shrugs, scratching his skinny, bushy arm and wondering if that was a good thing to say.
    “Who does Mort like? Wait, how do you know?” Molly asked as she widened her eyes at Bub.
    “Uh… I was working with them and…” Bub turned the other direction and scratched his arm even more. His eyes turned red and he turned into a giant. “So, you want to play ask a billion questions without a mouth? Be my guest,” He started chasing after Molly, Kara, and Ginny.
    “Say hi to a tsunami,” All four of them turned around to see Aly, the mermaid in the river about to splash Bub. “TAKE THIS!”
    “That was cool!” Molly complimented Aly while squeezing the water out of her hair.
    “Okay so now all we have to do is find Nilly, right?” Aly asked, “I wonder how Bub made it out…”
    “I don’t know but, where would a fire fairy hide?” Kara asked tapping her chin.
    “I GOT IT!” Molly said jumping up and down. “Someone would hide her in Mr. Cook’s cauldron!”
    “Let’s go!” Ginny yelled starting to walk to Mr. Cook’s house.

    Chapter 7
    “Where would a dark fairy hide?” Mort asked Asila, Bob, and AJ.
    AJ chuckled, “You guys are so stupid,” AJ pointed to the dark place.
    “Excuse me?” Asila glared at him. Then she gasped, “OH! Mort you’re genius!”
    “A dark fairy hides in the dark… Boy I am stupid!” Bob hollered.
    They walked over to Darkalias Woods and looked around. Mort looked at the Gooey Luey Swamp and fell in it. Bob looked around the Haunted Bushes and got dragged in. AJ checked the Voodoo Mushrooms and accidently choked on one. Asila looked around the trees.
    “I FOUND LILLY!” Asila wailed. She waved the bottle in the air. “Let’s go before they get there first.”
    Both teams ran to the Darkalias Castle as fast as they could. The two teams got to the Darkalias Castle at the same time.
    “NO,” Mort fell to the ground.
    “So who wins?” Molly asked.
    “I’m over it. Just set peace.” Asila said panting.
    Everybody shook hands except for Mort. He was crying on the ground. Then he stood up and growled.
    “No peace I want to win.” Mort growled. He took off his wig. “Asila didn’t hide the fairies, my partner and I did.” He snapped and a short, skinny elf came out.
    “It’s game time.” The elf growled. He had blue skin, green hair, a top hat on, a purple coat, blue pants with suspenders, and a bowtie to tie his look together. He was holding a brief case.
    Kara and Molly were scared to death by this mysterious man. Then Molly and Kara remembered they had packed weapons in their backpack. Molly pulled out her fire slingshot and aim right at Mort. Kara pulled out her magical illusion staff and waved the wand at the mysterious elf. Asila pulled out her magical shadow bunny and allowed it to punish Mort for evil deeds. Ginny called out her buzzing swarm of bees which surrounded Mort and his evil ally and attacked them with their stinging stingers. Suddenly appearing in the mist of the action, Bub pulled out his scary Child’s Play, causing Mort to scream in terror. Ally quickly pulls out her bubble gun and zaps Mort and his evil ally. AJ pulls out his engraved boomerang and throws it at Mort. Finally, Bob pulls out a melted moldy cookie from his back pocket and stuffs it down Mort’s throat.
    “Okay, okay!” Mort screams while choking on the deadly cookie. “I give up! The war ends here!”

    Chapter 8
    Once war came to a halt, Mort revealed that his real name was Mildred and he and his ally were locked up in a Darkalias Dungeon with a Child’s Play doll by Kara. Bub, having been stalked by Nilly for seven horrific years, finally gives into marriage. Asila, having no choice left, decides to marry Bob, the only man who continued to obey her every order obediently. AJ, finally leaving his love for Asila behind him, moves to the Underworld and marries the Darkest Fairy. Kristy and Molly finally fulfill their dreams as actresses and move away to Mollywood. Kara eventually marries Collin, and they rule over Florin Castle, Royal Gardens, and the village for one hundred joyful years.