• There once was this girl that fell in love with this one guy that she thought that he was in love with her.
    This one girl loved this one guy but he didn’t feel the same about her… she wasn’t too happy about the whole thing about him not loving her the same way! So she told herself she wouldn’t ever fall in love ever again but she did with this one guy that was kind of dark and unknown to the school or world unlike her she was an internet freak and can fix a computer less than 10 minutes. But her being a freak really didn’t have a type of her being a cool and popular person unlike her other friends. She always wanted to become them but when she tried the guys made fun of her and never wanted to be around her. She is the smartest girl in her class so she is looked down on. Even though one day she tried to find something to do she never did and just went to the book store and stayed there for about 6hours. She was walking down the stairs to walk out of the store when she tripped and started to fall down the stairs and this one guy caught her and she stared into his eyes and fell in love she never thought that she would ever find a guy this cute, smart, and not into the hot girls with big boobs. So he said hi and said his name and she kindly said her name and well they went out to get something to eat and she never thought she would be there with a guy……
    This is….
    “Um hey…” I said as I tried to get up.
    “Oh hi…” said the guy that helped me up.
    “I’m sorry I should have been watching where I was walking I’m Sammy by the way.” I said as I stuck out my hand to shake his hand.
    “Oh it’s just fine. And I’m Travis would you like to get something to drink? Are you okay?” he said as he shakes my hand.
    “Yeah I’m good and sure I would love to I don’t have any place to be.” I say as I follow him down the stairs. “Well one question where might you be taking me?”
    “Well there is this one place that I thought you may like I love it they make the best coffee ever!” he said as we walked out the door and later we got to this one place called b and j’s coffee house.
    “Oh I’ve been here I love this place.” I said as he held the door open for me and I walked in slowly.
    “Yeah I know this place rocks!” he said as he walked in after me. “well what would you like?”
    “No I just can’t you’ve done.-“I said
    “Yes I have to.” he said as he pulled out his wallet.
    “I don’t know you pick.” I said as I looked at the board.
    “Well I think I’ll take a coffee.” He said
    “Fine I’ll take the same please.”I said as I tried to walk. I found somewhere to sit and I waited for Travis to come back with the coffee, and he came back.
    “Okay here you go” he handed me my coffee.
    “Okay well I have some questions for you and you have to answer them!”I said with a demanding voice.
    “Alright I don’t mind I have time.”
    “Great this may take some time” I said as I took a sip of my coffee. “Well okay then why did you help me up?”
    “Well people seem to call that being friendly…”
    I started to laugh. I think to myself wow I’m stupid did I really say that! “Wow I’m stupid I didn’t mean to ask that.” I said as I turned really red.”Okay next question!”I said as I put my hands on the table. Like I’m the only one in the room, He looks at me.
    “Well what is it?” he has a confused look on. “Why are you asking me questions in the first place?”
    “Well I’m bored and I want to get to know you a little more. Is that okay?” I as I giggled a little.
    “Oh okay then, ask away!” he said with a demanding voice.
    “Okay why were you at the book store?”
    “Aha I knew that question was coming up. I was looking for a book on the Civil War.”
    “Uh, why, are you writing an essay?”
    “Yeah for college.” He said with a weird face on like didn’t you know that I was.
    “Okay; wait your in college?!” I said with a shocked face on. “You don’t look like you are in college.”
    “Yes I’m 18.” He just sat there. “How old are you?”
    “I’m 18 too! Omg!” I said. What the heck did I just say omg?!
    “Did you just say-“
    “Yes I did my bad I have a bunch of stuff on my mind and I just said that.” I just sat there with a shocked face on.
    “Okay then its fine. So next question please.”
    “Fine do you have a girlfriend?”
    “Nope why?”
    “Why do you do that; change the subject when I do that or you ask a different question? Oh never mind I was just asking”
    “Oh I’m sorry I won’t ask a question after your question.” We just sat there for a second looking at each other. After about 30minutes from talking the coffee shop was going to close up.
    Travis got up.
    “Well do you think that we bet be going?” I said.
    “Yeah, if you want I’ll walk you home?”
    “Sure you don’t seem to be a stalker.” I laughed. “I’m sorry I won’t talk like that it’s just that you’re really nice and so you don’t seem like one.”
    “Well thanks I’m not a stalker by the way.”
    “Okay yay that is good”