• Jack ordered us a table away from everyone's else. He looked angry, but I would be too. I was kinda happy that he took me away from that creep. His melodic voice broke the silence, "Did he do anything to you?"
    "I'm sorry. I've never been around town that much."
    "Really. Because I saw you today giving out invitations."
    "You saw that it was me?"
    "No one else did." He chuckled. His heart-warming smile made me almost melt.

    Our waitress came asking us for our order. We both didn't feel hungry, so we just had soda. "So, how was the club?"
    "Horrible. I waited at that bar for you!"
    "Well, you shouldn't have gotten lost in the first place!"
    "It was my first time there! What did you expect?!"
    "For you to just stay with me!" I stopped. I didn't have a comeback. He exhaled, and said, "I'm sorry. I understand. Just don't get lost next time."
    "What? There isn't gonna be a next time."
    "Yeah there is. I'm taking you there again tomorrow night. Now let's go before your workers get a fright."
    "Oh yeah. Okay. So I'll see you tomorrow." He nodded. Then, we walked to his car. We went back home just in time for me to get in my PJ's and get to sleep. I couldn't get to sleep. I was thinking about tomorrow night. There was gonna be another party for some prince's arrival. Was he gonna be there? I tried to stop think for just a second, but too many things kept filling up in my head. I then tried to think of one thing and one thing only, Jack. I pictured his smiling face in my mind, and when I accomplished it, I drifted off into sleep.

    "Your highness! WAKE UP! You need to give out invitations!" one of my maids said. I opened my eyes immediately, and jumped out of bed. I ran to the bathroom across the hall. My maid was surprised for me to be this happy for a party. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put my casual dress on. I quickly put my farmer's hat and my wide sunglasses on. I ran out the backdoor saying goodbye to my parents. I ran to my place with my basket full of invitations. I sat on the floor, giving out invitations to everyone. That's when I saw Jack in his disguise. "Excuse me ma'am, may I have one please?" He said in a different voice. I wasn't melodic as his usual voice, but I gave him one. He noticed that I was sitting on the ground. He smiled, and walked off to pick up a taxi.

    When I was done with my business, I ran back home through the back door. I took everything off, and got cleaned up again. Margret put my over-sized dress on me. "Margret," I said.
    "Yes, your highness?"
    "You can put my hair up if you want."
    "Oh no. I didn't like it that way anyways. I'll be curling your hair instead. I think it better suits you."
    "Oh. Okay. Thank you, Margret." She smiled, and when she was done with my hair, I walked downstairs. People were already there, again. I walked to go dance with guys, but I noticed that Jack was my first guy. Great. We danced the waltz, and he whispered in my ear, "You sit on the ground everyday?" I giggled, but I stopped when my father looked at me. Then Jack started laughing. We both laughed. As the song was ending, he kissed my hand and said, "I'll see you tonight."
    "Yes. You will" That's when he strode off into the crowd, and I was stuck with other guys.