• Chapter 3

    The couch shifted next to me. I looked to see who it was. It was Connor. He was grinning but I don't know why. I stared at him for a long time to try to figure out what he was thinking, but I gave up on it.

    " Hey, Connor, can you stop looking at me like that." I was getting anxious.

    " Nope, I think your just too beautiful to stop looking at." Connor said nonchalantly. I blushed at his comment. Connor started to lean in. I didn't know what to do. So I froze, letting Connor kiss me. His warm lips pressed gently against mine. He licked his tongue on my bottom lip. I opened my mouth instinctively. I enjoyed this yet didn't. I cant explain it, but I think I'm starting to like him. So the next thing I knew I pushed him off me. I thought I saw his eyes change from sharp blue to a dark red. I looked at him mystified, at what just happened. I blinked and when I opened my eyes he was gone. I looked around for him, but I couldn't find him. I sighed and decided to go take a shower. When I got to the bathroom I striped down and got in. I put the water on cold because cold water always soothed me when I was upset. The cold water felt on my hot skin. I washed myself with the strawberry scented body wash, then washed my hair. After that I let the icy water run over me. I got out after a few more minutes. I wrapped the towel tightly around me and went out.When I got out, I went to the closet and changed into a mini skirt, a spaghetti strap top, with sandals. When I got out of the closet, there was someone in my room. I looked closer at the person to see it was Connor.

    " Hey Connor, what're you doing here?" I questioned.

    " I came to say something, Rose." Connor replied and started to gaze through the window.

    " Rose I am really sorry for what happened earlier on." Connor continued," And if you want me to go I will."

    " NO! Don't go Connor, I think-" I was cut off by the sound of breaking glass. Me and Connor looked at each other and hurried down stairs. When we got there, there was a lady she had black hair and stunning amber eyes, but everything else was plain. She looked staight at Connor and screamed,

    " YOU SON OF A B... just tell me why your with this HUMAN."

    " That's none of your business Agnes." I could tell that Connors temper was rising.

    " What do you mean human?" I questioned.

    " So you haven't told her, HUH." Agnes said between laughs.

    " Well you see honey that man over there is a-" She was cut off by the punch on the face she just got from Connor. I gasped I didn't know how to comprehend this. Connor looked at me with soft eyes and said,

    " Rose it's not important to know what I am, just tell me do you want me to leave for good and don't lie."

    " Connor I don't want you to leave, I need you." I said softly. Connor looked at me disbelievingly. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes, trying to figure out what he is thinking, but as usual I couldn't.

    " Rose I know your lying to me, I know you hate me." Connor seemed to choke on those words. How could he think I hated him, at first I did think he was annoying, but now I really want him.

    " How could I hate you, when I think I'm falling in love with you?" I scolded. Connor seemed to brighten up at the word "love". I stared at him as he " took care of" Agnes. Then he headed towards me and picked me up bridal style. He took me out of my house, when it started to rain. When we got to a huge house, we were both soaking wet. He took me in and got us both towels. He showed me to the bathroom where I changed into the towel and went out. I saw Connor already in a towel sitting next to the fire. I went over to him and sat down. We cuddled. Then I saw something on his bare chest, a scar, I traced over it with my fingers and when I got closer to the heart the warmer it got. When I reached the heart my fingers were on fire and Connor flinched.

    " What the hell was that for." Connor shouted.

    " What are you?" I whispered into his ears.

    " What do you mean what am I?" Connor replied. Then I pointed out all the reasons he couldn't be human.

    " Clever little girl are you." Connor said after my little speech.

    " Stop delaying Connor." I said irritated.

    " Rose you can choose to believe me, but I am a demon." Connor nonchalantly said.

    "Oh." I replied.