• Claude stood in the ruins, fighting through the demons to the tower.
    "HEROTIC!!!", he yelled as he ascended.
    He get to the top and burst through the door. There stood the once noble, or beleived to be noble, Count Chirion. He had his blade drawn and an intense amount of magic summoned. Claude charged and swiped into the man, cutting through nothing but magic. Claude stared at the surprise movement as the Count appeared behind him, grabbing him around the throat and tossing him from the tower, from life.
    Claude never hit the ground. He woke up and found himself on the ground below. He got up, nothing broken, not even hurt. And looked at the statue of the ancient Arch-Mage Vallet Deathrune. He saw how the flame in Vallet's open hand was gone. The face was torn away and the entire left arm missing.
    "What do I do now, Vallet?"