• I walked into the classroom and spoke with the teacher. Determined not to show any emotions, I faced the class.I tried not to make any eye contact as I introduced myself in a robotic voice.That's when I saw him. He wasn't exactly the cutest guy or the sexiest but still my heart started to race. All of a sudden I got a flashback. It was of when me and Rei, my best friend in the whole world, was having our thirteenth birthday.I always hated this memory, because it was the last memory I had of him, of his laughter, of his smile, of the way he looked at me,and it always made my heart ache. My flashback continued and I watched myself and Rei go to our favorite place. It was a peaceful place, a tunnel with water running through glowing stones that casted eerie shadows. It was there that when we sat down that he leaned towards me, and softly brushed his lips against mine. "Happy Birthday, Ivy."
    I was surprised at that and tried to brush it off, although my heart was racing. It was after this that we had decided to walk through the tunnel and explore.We didn't talk much but just enjoyed each others company. Then he yelled and pushed me to the side. That was all I remembered. Somehow that day I'd made it back home,alone. Everybody searched for him but nobody found any evidence of him being alive. A year passed and everybody forgot except for me. I decided I'd look for him, and said goodbye to my family. I opened my eyes as the flashback ended not knowing how long I'd stood there with my eyes closed. With the pain of loss fresh on my heart once again, I realized that the reason the boy had made my heartrace was because he looked the same as Rei. Rei's name was on my lips, when I fainted.