• Chapter 6

    Its was a few days since the incident had happened, and my head was finally stable. The boys finally let me walk around, and my adventurous side took control.

    I was strolling through the hallway and peeking through doors.

    The first one I peeked into was a neat and organized room. There were gold walls, and the ceiling had the most beautiful painting I had ever seen. It was one of the skies. I presumed it was Jacobs room. Then I went out to the next one.

    This one was unkempt and was cluttered. The good part was the walls, as they were the most pretty shade of midnight blue. I walked through this door to see if there was anything I missed, and there was. It was a journal. I opened it. I saw really good drawings of different people. At the end there was a picture of me sleeping. I had always thought that there was someone watching me, but I never really cared. I went out assuming that the room must of have been Dereks because I new he loved the midnight skies, and I continued to the next one.

    This time I didn't end up in a room, but a porch that was on the second floor. I looked around and saw Damien immersed in the outdoor scenery. I went up to him.

    "Damien it's really pretty," I said.

    "I know, but after awhile it get boring," he answered sincerely.

    I looked at him flabbergasted at what he had just said.

    "How can it be boring, it's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," I responded.

    "Well I've seen better, because if you remember, I'm a Fallen Angel. Means I have been to heaven before," He said sadly.

    "I have a question... what is heaven like?" I asked him.

    He replied," Well, it has crystal clear lakes, and has really pretty flowers everywhere. No one is ever sad or mad there. Until I came here, I was called 'the cursed one' because I'm half demon and half angel, making me a Fallen Angel." He sounded so serious that I felt really bad for him.

    "I'm really sorry Damien. Really I am," I said sincerely. I started to rub his back.

    "No, don't be. It's not your fault," said Damien.

    "Now I have a question for you. Do you want to fly?" He sounded excited.

    I nodded and said, "I would love to."

    Suddenly, black feathery wings sprouted from his back. I was tempted to touch them but I held it back. When he was done he pulled me close to him and put his arm around my waist. He got on top of the railings and jumped off. I closed my eyes and clutched at him until he said it was safe to open them. When I opened my eyes, I saw that we were flying. I looked around and the forest was more beautiful from the air instead of on the ground. The lake was glistening like a diamond. I was really having fun. I looked at Damien's face and saw that he was smiling.

    Damiens POV

    When I jumped off the railings Emily held tightly to me. So I smiled and told her that it was safe to open her eyes. When she opened them I could see that she liked it from the smile growing on her face. When she looked at me I smiled at her and she smiled back. I decided to take her to a special place that I only know of.

    When we got there, I set Emily down and said, "Emily, I think you would like it here."

    She looked around and answered, "Wow this place is so amazing."

    She sounded happy.

    Emilys POV

    When Damien brought me to a canyon, I got really excited and started to look around as he said, "Emily I think you would like it here."

    I did.

    "This place is so amazing," I said. I was really happy. I think Damien knew that I had been stressed out lately when the boys said that they all loved me. Then I looked at him as soon as I was done and he was sitting down. I sat next to him.

    "Damien, how did you know of a place like this," I asked.

    "Well, I would come here to think, play my flute, and relax. I always thought that this place was soothing so that's why. Plus I found this place by accident," Damien said with the sense of pride in his voice.

    "Can you play the flute for me." I asked.

    He shook his head and said, "No, I don't have it with me."

    I pouted and I was really tired so I rested my head on Damien's shoulder. He looked at me in the most curious way. I smiled and closed my eyes. I felt Damien running his fingers through my hair. I didn't mind though. I thought it felt nice. I opened my eyes to see that he had his eyes closed too. I giggled because he looked so cute. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He grinned. He pulled me closer to him and bunked our foreheads together. He then went in closer for a kiss. He had warm lips. I smiled just a tiny bit and I lost my balance and accidentally pressed my lips harder into his. He smiled and he too started to pull in closer. When he separated his lips from mine, he smiled.

    "Emily I really do love you," he said.

    "I honestly don't know who I love yet...I'm sorry." I was trying to be honest without hurting him.

    Damiens POV

    When Emily said that, I was heart broken. So I thought well I can try to get her to love me. I will and always protect her and help her. When I see the opportunity to get her to love me, I will try hard, but I will not force her to pick me because I want her happiness to be first.

    Emilys POV

    "That's ok. I will accept whoever you choose to love," he said to me.

    Damien sounded so sad when he said it. I wish I could have said that I love him, but I wasn't sure if I did. He still has a chance then, I suppose.

    "Emily, I think it's time to go back home."

    He sounded really disappointed when he said it. He wanted to stay longer but I understood. He didn't want the boys thinking I was kidnapped. He again revealed his black, feathery wings and pulled me closer and put his arm around my waist. Then he started to flap his wings and we were up in the air.

    When we got home, all the boys were bombarding me with questions on where I had been. I told them that I'd been with Damien. After that I went up to take a shower. The warm vanilla soap felt good on my skin and I shampooed and conditioned my hair. When I was done, I got out and put on fresh clothes; mini skirt, tank top that said "Lets Rock", and some sandals. I flopped on my bed and took a nap. I began to have a dream where me and the boys were having fun in a meadow when everything went black and I looked around and saw that everyone and everything was dead. Again the lady with blond hair and red eyes said," Come to me my dear Emily if you want the boys to live."

    When I opened my eyes I was sweating and the boys were running to my room. When they got there, Jacob put his arms around me and asked,"Whats wrong Emily?"

    He seemed to be trying to calm me, and I told them my dream.

    After hearing what I had to say, Daniel shouted," DAMN THAT SUSAN," and all the boys looked at him and nodded.

    I knew that I looked confused. I tried to remember what Andrew said about vampires... OH yeah. He said that some of them could go into other peoples' dreams.

    I asked, "Is this Susan a vampire?" They all looked at me, shocked.