• He ripped ofF the necklace Sarah had given him. The Dark Lord told him it was the only reason he could track Dax without actually meeting him. The necklace was made of the claws of the Dark Lords monsters that Sarah had killed with him. those monsters were fakes, decoys used to try make Dax trust him.
    When Sarah had left him for dead in that pit in Tartarus she had told him she was going to omega 3, the last safe place for humans. That was were he was heading.

    The Dark Lord smirked when he saw Dax was still alive. He thought "The boy is strong, too bad he'll be dead in an hour. He sent three of his strongest beasts down to finish him off.

    John woke up with his body full of pain. before he blacked out he shot Sarah in the arm and pushed Dax into the shaft. Then he felt something peirce his back and he was flung down the other shaft, with a lighted bottle of oil going right behind him. As he feel through the dark shaft he knew he ws dead.

    As Sarah shifted through the papers in the tomb she knew she woudn't live to see next week. She had to get to Dax before he got to her. As she shoved through the files until she found what she was looking for. the prophecy of Dread. It said:

    So your best friend is dead
    In heart and in head
    He is bent on revenge
    He wants your head

    You have to stop him before he gets his way
    Or the world will end and the dark lord shall stay

    And after she read that the door exploded open with a bang.