• Alexis born into a werewolve family. Roman was born into a vampire family. They ran into each other at school and instantly hated each other through ther blood, but in their heart they loved from the start. Their species are natural enemies.
    But that didn't stop Roman from falling in love with his Beautiful Alexis. It didn't stop Alexis from falling in love with her Sweet Roman. They secretly met every other night at the huge oak tree. Sitting between the branches they talked and laughed.
    And in case you didn't know vampires only transform on the 29th of the month. Werewolves what you hear is the truth only change on full moons.
    "Roman I love you." said Alexis swinging her feet from over the branch they were hanging.
    "I love you too Alexis more than anything in the world. And no amount of werewolve nor vampire is going to change that." said Roman they edged closer to each other. Even though they had been meeting for at least a year they hadn't kissed. But tonight Alexis had a feeling that this was the night they would kiss.
    They each leaned forward. Alexis's brown hair whipping around like an octopus.