• Their high pitched screams filled the air. Some of us cackled, creating scores of sleek voices. A bright array of light flashed into our eyes, forcing us to hiss and shy away. But luckily I was in an alley, hidden beneath the shadows with my prey, wrestling him to the ground. His screams became wails, pleading for mercy. Tears streamed down his face, his weak complexion struggling against me.

    His already frightened eyes grew wide with horror as my daggers plunged into him. Blood squirted and oozed, leaving dark crimson streaks to criss-cross its way down, silently dripped into small puddles. His breathing was quick stuttering gulps, slowing down to a complete stop. Silence. I sighed as I filled my mouth with the thick irony taste, drinking my fill.

    My victims are usually the ones in their early twenties. The others choose random people, whoever smells or looks satisfying enough. We are the hunters, solitary predators preying amongst the living, weak-minded beings. Us being immortal, we have no other choice than to satisfy our undying need/want for human blood, though we want to stop it.

    We yearn for the stop of our suffering, we don't want to continue drinking from people. But then again we have no choice on this world that we are stuck on. Our only weaknesses are bright flashes of light, like that of a flashlight, or whatever else makes you squint. Our pupils become microscopic, sort of like a cat's. Whenever light flashes into our eyes, we start the chain reaction of cringing in pain, making our thought change from prey to shadows. Another thing that harms us is surprisingly, animal blood; animal blood tastes like saltwater, bleck! It hurts our immune system too. Surprised huh? Though it seems as if I know some about our kind, I know fairly little.

    In fact, there are millions of facts about us that I want to know about! Why you may ask? Because, I became a vampire a month ago, on my fourteenth birthday.

    A girl stared at her reflection in the mirror, gripping the tabletop with silent rage. She was sober looking, her eyes a faded maroon. Sighing, she began brushing her thick black-highlighted auburn hair, the waves in it fluffing up. Light poured in through a small crack of dark purple curtains. The bed was messy, covers strewn sideways in this or that direction, pillows scattered on the floor, wrinkles were everywhere on the sheets. Stuffed animals were laying at the foot of the bed, punk bunnies and bright yellow ducks. A stereo was placed by the closet, CD's cluttered all around it. The closet was white, and was closed.

    QuorraVenitia Rose Valdone slowly walked out of her bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen she sleepily rubbed her eyes, making sleep disappear. Her head cocked to the side and faced the countertops where a dark blue book with a black binding was placed. She walked over to it and picked it up.

    As I entered the kitchen I noticed a book on the marble countertops. The book was a dark blue color with a black binding. It really stood out in our kitchen. Our kitchen is a magenta colored room with grey, white, and black countertops, a cream tiled floor, and wooden cabinets. Our fridge was silver, and had a built in TV so that whenever my mom cooked she could watch a little somethin'. And yes, I did say cooks. We eat regular food just like everyone else: fruits, candy, vegetables, desserts, meats, you know, the usual. It's all so delicious! We only drink blood when we get hungry. Very hungry. Human foods are just snacks. My next feeding will be would be soon, tomorrow. The first day I drank someone's blood was the night of my birthday, and soon after I had to drink again to get enough blood in my system. I kind of enjoy their shrieks, and their struggle to get away from me. I mean, c'mon they are So weak. Do they really think they can match our strength? But at the same time I want to cry. Their live ends, all because of me,... Sighing, I shook the memory of that night from my head and looked up at the ceiling as if to see the sky.
    Well, back to that book I just mentioned a few minutes ago. I walked over to it and picked it up, examining the front cover. Its cover had a vampire on it, bloodlust in its crazed eyes who stared at a human, its tongue hanging out of its mouths as if it were panting. Yet even though this picture was, disturbing, the title was: The Vampire's Guide To Control. It did make sense though. After reading the title I began to sneer at it.