• BJ lay motionless. I knew she was just sleeping, but I was scared, of them, of being heartbroken, of being alone. If I could do anything, it'd be to run away from them, from the insanity of our world, the slow crushing process of life.

    But both them and I knew, we couldn't do anything now.

    Their actions may have caused my heartbreak, but yet, I still love him. I knew I always did, and I always will. I always talked to her about it, and she's always going to be my best friend, but she's sleeping, and she's so beautiful when her eyes are closed, protecting her from the mess sitting next to her.

    I wonder what he's dreaming of right now, her perhaps? Although I knew he wouldn't, I only wish he'd stay away from her. I know why he liked her, because she's beautiful, athletic, bright, and outgoing. He's different isn't he? Funny, shy, cute and musically talented can only begin to describe him.

    But just the thought of them hugging, hanging out in the hallways, talking, make me want to die a slow, death. Instead, I drown myself in fear, pain and agony. For today, tomorrow, and the memories that still burn inside my heart.

    Once again, I'm together with him, but it doesn't matter does it?

    He still has feelings for her, and if I told him she didn't, he would think wrong of me. But it's true, she doesn't. She may flick his hair, laugh with him, and flirt, she just wants me mad.

    But is it my fault, that I'm only one that sees who she really is?