• The Story Of An Average Boy
    Episode 2: Five weeks later

    I look up in the mirror.
    I see a face.
    One that needs to sleep more, needs to cry less.
    Maybe needs to shave, needs to eat and needs to live again.
    My brown hair has lost his shine and my lips are dry as a dessert.

    James Mc Phearson…
    You’re a fool…

    I take a look at my bag, grab some books and go downstairs.

    “Mom, I’m going to try to go to school.”
    “Wait dear!”
    I stand in front of the door.
    My mom comes out of the kitchen.
    “James… Please tell me what’s wrong.”
    “Mom, I don’t want to talk about it.”

    Is that really my voice?
    It seems so… Rough… Broken…

    “James.. It has been 5 weeks since you entered your room that night. You need to tell me about it…”
    “Just let me be Mom…”
    As I hear my mom burst out in tears, I quickly open the door and leave.
    I grab my walkman out of my bag.
    Headphones on, world off.

    So you you take her picture, something you see.
    Hello future… Yeah…
    Where will I be?

    As I enter the school gates, a million eyes stare at me.
    I can’t stand here alone.
    Where shall I go?
    I look around and notice…

    I’m on my own…
    Was she my only friend?

    Saved by the bell.
    What class do I have?
    What day is it?
    I reconise someone i have the same classes with.
    Unnoticed I follow him.
    It sounds like a dead men’s name out of my mouth.

    I take a chair and see that i didn’t take my chemistry book.
    I draw some men on my desk.
    “Mr Mc Phearson!”
    Ow no, not this crap…
    “As you seem so intrested in my lesson, can you tell me what the drawning on the blackboard means?”
    Without even looking I anwser : ”No.”
    “Is that right Mc Phearson? Well then, can you tell me why you missed my lessons for four weeks?”
    “It were five weeks…”

    “The brutality! Out of my clasroom!!!”
    I grab my bag and leave.
    I feel how everyone’s looking at me.
    “Mc Phearson! I hope that by Thursday your atitude will be better! Maybe your mother hasn’t teach you some manners well then I will!”
    “Well sir, by the looks of your face, I can say your mother was a crackwhore…”

    Don’t wait for a reaction James.
    Just leave…

    I sit down on one of the benches outside as I look at the sky…

    Hello future, where will I be…

    End of episode 2