• “Where am I? Why is everything cold and foggy? This must be a dream. I remember my name. My name is Helena…..that’s all I can recall. This surely must be a dream. That’s strange I’m outside in front of little houses.” People start coming out of their homes. There are two people coming to me. A girl and a woman and they both had long brown hair and brown eyes. The girl looks like she is ten years old. Also she has short brown curly hair and as I noticed the woman has brown curly hair too. “Who are you guys?”
    “How silly. I’m your mother and my name is Mona.” The girl smiled at me brightly.
    “And I’m your sister.”
    “Helena we must get inside of the house quickly.” I felt so confused then I ever have before. “Why do we have to get in the house right now?” She looked at me and her face got serious. “There’s a story that only I know. The story is that there’s a man that comes with the fog. He comes only at that time and it’s told that he comes with two big werewolves. Then he grabs girls and women, but if the werewolves get you then they will get anyone. Also, it says that the werewolves will eat you, but either way you will be given to the werewolves.” I then looked at Susan. “I think he’s looking for something,” she said. I then looked at Mona. “He mostly goes for women and girls. So we are the only one that know this story and must get the house now!” I felt a shock of anger wash over me. “But what about the people outside!? We must warn them!”
    “No Helena! I’m responsible for you! I’m not your real mother! A woman came to me and gave you to me when you were a baby. She gave you to me, told me the story, and said, ‘“Do not let him find her, her feelings are something special. Just like how everyone’s feelings are special. Everyone’s feelings are compared to another’s; to them it’s the key to something wonderful that they will love. Do not let him find her!”’ and with that she ran off.” But right before she completely disappeared she screamed, ‘“If she speaks of a dream and how her feelings feel the same that will never leave. Then that will be the time to hide her!”’ This was getting to crazy for me.
    “But this is a dream and my feelings do feel the same. This is a dream and I feel the same! I bet even if he does find me he will me to his werewolves and I’ll die. But don’t you see, people always die! And even though I will die it’s what I want! I want these feelings gone! I want to die!!” Then the ground shook as if something big fell from the sky and the fog slightly thickened.