• Chapter 1

    "Is the camera set up?"
    My head snapped up and I nodded at Sean, leaning against the kitchen sink with his sheet of questions. I swallowed nervously and forced myself to review the questions as he was doing, but the words and letters just wouldn't process and I found myself staring at the same word for about 15 seconds.
    "Nervous?" he asked, laughing lightly.
    "No," I lied and unconciouslly placed my hand over my stomach. Seans eyes followed it there and he raised his eyebrow as a smirk slowly spread across his face. "It won't take long, a quick interveiw means a quick A"
    I nodded and glanced up through my eyelashes as Mr. Gregor walked slowly in.
    Heres to you, History Class...
    "Sorry it took so long," said his neice, Rebecca smiling kindly, "Would you like me to stay?"
    "No, its cool, we got it" Sean said cheerfully and I forced myself to smile back.
    "Okay, I'll be upstairs if you need me. Just call"
    Mr. Gregor looked at Sean then to me before sitting down on the chair opposite of me. I quickly pressed the recording button on the camera and turned slightly to face it. "Tynan Dristan here, giving you the inside look on World War 2 from someone who lived it..."
    Mr. Gregor cleared his throat and I bit my lip motioning discreetly for Sean to read his part.
    "Mr. Hans Gregor was born in 1934, tell me Mr. Gregor, how was life back then?"
    "Plain," he said simply, "Nothing much"
    "Um...do you remember much of the war?"
    "Can you tell us some things you remembered?"
    Mr. Gregor looked at the camera then back to Sean who was folding his paper nervously. The room when silent for a few awkward minutes before a whisper escaped from Mr. Gregors mouth.
    "That day...That day we all remembered"
    "Um...what day was that, Mr. Gregor" Sean asked, his voice shaking slightly.
    "The day the earth became hell and the ice broke"
    Sean looked at me and I shrugged slightly, "Can you explain?"
    Mr. Gregor looked at the camera, "Stop filming"

    Chapter 2

    "What do you think he meant by the day the earth became hell?"
    I shrugged and let my eyes wander the empty, wet streets. The rain started to come down harder as Sean pushed his plate back and dug in his back pocket.
    "I'll pay" I murmured and searched my purse for my wallet.
    "Seriously, we need to find something else if we're gonna get that A" Sean said, "What else can we do? I don't want to do another slideshow again, thats for sure"
    "Found it!" I said triumphantly pulling the pink wallet from underneath my stuff, but as I looked past the velvety rose, I saw that Sean wasn't even facing me anymore. Instead his eyes were glued to the televison that hung above the cash register, his mouth was opened slightly and he shook his head, "Can't be..."
    "Breaking News," the reporter said, "Antartica is completely underwater, Antartica is completely submerged"
    "What happened?" Sean shreiked and the owner of the cafe turned to silence him.
    Suddenly, everything started to peice together.
    I tried to take a breath, but only succeeded in rasps.
    "What's wrong?" Sean asked turning to face me.
    "The earth...is turning to hell," I said, finding my voice, "Global Warming, Antartica is gone, the ice is melted"
    Seans eyes bulged and I swallowed back my fear as I said in a half-whisper, "Sean, this man has a prophecy going on..."