• It was a crisp morning in Tokyo,Japan. The sun just peeking over the horizon, shining trough windows just to say hello.
    An alarm clock rang, screaming and yelling "Wake up wake up!!". A gentle maiden's hand reached for it and threw it against the wall."Stupid alarm..." she mumbled. She sat up in a rush and looked at the clock,"Crap!! It's seven!!" Rushing out of bed she tripped with a hard thud.Tripping over any small thing, grabbing her school clothes."Okasa-chan thanks to you, I'm so clumsy!!"She said as she looked at her late mother's picture.She picked up the frame and admired her mother's features. She stroked her silver hair as she used to when her mother held her."We're too much alike Okasa-chan."
    "Mina-chan, hurry up!!Yue-san is here!!"She heard her brother say from downstairs. That was the young maiden's name, Minazuki Tekai (Age: 14, Height:5'1", Hair co.:Silver, Eye co.:Silver,Occupation:1st year high school).She hurried and put the rest of her uniform on and ran downstairs.
    "Gomenai Aniki..."She smiled at her brother Mika Tekai(Age: 17,Height: 5'9", Hair color: Blue on top Silver on bottom, Occupation: Manga artist and 3rd year high school)"...ohayo Celeste-chan."
    Celeste's was Mika's cat who always seem to be sitting on his shoulder. Celeste was so faithful to him like a wife, but Minazuki didn't seem to notice. The cat meowed in response to Minazuki's greeting.As the two siblings walk into the kitchen, they notice Yue (Age: 16, Height:5'7", Hair co.: white, Occupation: 2nd year high schol), reading a manga that was recently published by Mika.
    "Ohayo, Mina-chan."
    Yue smiled at the Tekai siblings. He put down his book and walked up to Minazuki."How did you sleep?" He smiled.
    Minazuki blushed, and answered,"Just fine...um with a few mishaps..." She couldn't help but stare into Yue's snow-white eyes. "Gorgeus..." She thought aloud.
    "Arigatou." Yue replied.
    "Ano...uh, uh, I mean... shouldn't we head to school?" Minazuki stumbled and grabbed breakfast and rushed ahead of Yue.
    "Wow, and to think, the princess is so clumsy."Yue laughed.
    "Speaking of Princess..."Mika said."I need you to give her this."He held a silver pendant with the kanji lettering for light."She needs to awaken her powers. Kizuki is near, and she started her search for the celestial pendants."
    "Yes,and she will most likely come for Mina-sama first since her powers are still dormant." Celeste said. She jumped down from Mika's shoulder and transformed to her half-human form. Celeste(Age:16, Height: 5'3", Hair co.:Black, Occupation: Celestial guide.) continued; Mina-sama will have to either confront Kizuki-sama or train 'til her powers awaken. It's only a matter of time."
    "What if she confronts Kizuki?" Yue asked.
    "She will probably die..."Celeste replied.
    The room went silent. Everyone could hear the ticking of the clock in the kitchen as if an elephant were stomping in there itself. Mika broke the silence,"We'll have to stop that from happening... I want to protect both my little sisters. Even if Kizuki is evil, she needs her family."
    Everyone nodded, agreeing to the plan."I'm going to catch up with Mina-chan, until then, you have a way to contact me." He grabbed the pendant and dashed out the door.
    Celeste looked at Mika, and Mika at Celeste."I hope we're not too late..."Celeste said quietly.
    "We're not... we're not."Mika said as he hugged Celeste warmly."She will make it."
    To be continued...