• Chapter 4

    "Now it's my turn," Kristen grinned. Confused, I sat on my haunches and cocked my head. You've been hiding something from me?

    Kristen started to sing in an eerie tone and making signs with her hands. Immediately, 10ft long and 5ft wide wings came rushing out of her shoulder blades. They came out so bright I had to turn my head until they dimmed. They were white with black lightning-like designs. She had lacy marks all over her body and a crescent moon in the middle of her forehead. "I am an Angion." Kristen began, "Angions are half-demon, half-angel creatures born into a human body."

    "Wow..." Great, my stupid mouth doesn't work. "H-how long have you known you were an Angion?" I stuttered.

    "Mmm, only about 3 months--ish." She said shrugging nonchalantly. That made me mad.

    "And you never told me?!" I shouted.

    "Why didn't you tell me about being a leopard? How long have you known?!" She retorted.

    "1 day..."

    "Oh..." her wings drooped, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier Razsha.."

    "It's ok Kris--"

    "In this form, I'm Kashyyk." She interrupted.

    "Really? Cool! I wanna name for this form!" Once the last word came out of my mouth, everything started fading: my body fell limp and I blacked out.

    "WTF?" I'm on the cliff?? And I'm still a leopard? "What am I doing here?"

    "You wanted to know your new name, or am I mistaken?"

    I flinched. "Sorry.." Kiala started..laughing?

    "I'm joking, but yes you do have a special name now that you have become accustomed to your powers. From now on you will be known as Kyrinae."

    "Cool!" I squeaked to myself, "I can't wait to tell Krist--I mean Kashyyk!" Kiala smiled and I, now Kyrinae, woke up in the forest.

    "OMG, are you ok?!" Kashyyk screamed at me, her humongous wings glowing purple with worry.

    "I got my name!!" I squealed while jumping up and shaking off like a dog.

    "Really!? What is it?"

    "Call me Kyrinae!" I joked. Hold on.. "What time is it?" I asked.

    Kashyyk tilted her head to one side as if someone were whispering in her ear.
    "11:32" She stated after a second of thought.

    "Holy crap!! How long was I out?"

    "Only a minute..why?"

    "We gotta get home! We (unfortunately) have school tomorrow!"

    "Crap.." was all Kashyyk had to say. I turned and bolted out into the street towards home. Mom would be home any minute!

    "s**t!" Kashyyk flung herself to the edge of the woods with one swing of her massive wings. As she reached the edge, she called, "Kyrinae! Get back here!" I stopped in my tracks. Kyrinae? I looked down and saw my paws. I backed up slowly looking around. "s**t!!" Up in a window in the house to my right, a little kid stared at me. I turned tail and shot back down the street towards the woods, running head first into Kashyyk, the latter flying backwards into a tree, knocking us both unconscious.

    I woke up where I had landed as dawn broke over the horizon. "Gah! My head!" I growled as I put my paw over my head. "What the hell hap--DAWN! s**t!!" I cursed as I looked around for Kristen--or Kashyyk. Found her. "Oh no.." I said trotting over to the unconscious Kristen, laying in a small pool of blood. I prodded Kristen in the side with my paw. Nothing. I shook her. Nothing. "Crap Crap CRAP! School starts in half an hour, I'm a leopard, Kristen's possibly in a coma...what am I gunna tell my mom?" I can't carry her, she weighs more than I do..what would my excuse be? My mind raced. I might be able to carry her as a leopard, my strength is upped..I have a plan.

    Still in leopard form, I hoisted Kristen onto my back and took off toward my house, racing through backyards clinging to the remaining shadows, leaping..and barely clearing.. fences, and finally skidding to a halt in my backyard. Propping Kristen against the big oak tree in my yard, I ran up to the back door and peeked inside. Mom was asleep on the couch. "Whew." I muttered as I turned around. "Not whew.." I turned to find a random boy standing there. My eyes widened as he kicked me so hard I flew through the air, smacked against the tree, and fell onto Kristen.