• Micheal told me what to do

    he said "just pick her up and bring your friend to the bar and i will help you out

    so he handed me a cell phone and some knockout pills

    but i could not bear not to listen to this angel

    that was until i saw it i suddendly realized wen i got to her house

    why he chose me to do this

    i was so young so innocent i started shaking

    wen i got to the door i pressed the doorbell

    her mom and dad werent home

    so her brother answered the boy that really was like a angel

    he smiled sweetly and said in his bass voice"welcome"

    i suddenly realized i loved him and not Micheal

    then i said is "Katy home?"

    he said "ohh your the one she was talking about."

    so she got downstairs

    i would miss that sweet little girl

    she was younger than me

    well we got to the bar and she went to use the bathroom

    i called Micheal and asked "wat should i do now?"

    he said put the"pills in her drink."

    so i did

    then she came bak

    i switched the drinks

    and forgot about the pills

    i drank it

    she called Micheal and asked if he was my friend

    he said he would be there right away

    i felt a slash of pain

    i opened my eyes to see Micheal with a knife and blood coming out of my hand

    i cryed

    then it was all over

    i was in red water