• tab As pain ripped through me, I started to shake. Jake latched on to my throat and held me still so he wouldn't tear my soft flesh.
    tab After a few seconds of the gentle sucking, Jake removed his fangs and licked the wound to jump start the healing.
    tab Shane came forward with a silver cup and gave it to me to hold. Jake lifted his wrist and bit down to open a vein. He let the sweet liquid poor into the cup. When he started to pull away, I grabbed his wrist and licked the left over blood away and kissed the wound. I looked at his face as he took his wrist back.
    tab I felt the blood mingle with mine in my veins and could feel the strength of my love as his blood joined mine.
    tab "Drink." Shane said.
    tab I tilted back the cup and drain Jake's blood from it. I felt stronger with every gulp, more powerful, more invincible.
    tab "Welcome, new Shadow," I turned and saw a beautiful woman in a long black robe before us. I heard Shane and the others drop to the ground. I cast a look to see them down on one knee, one hand tight against their chests, the other behind their backs.
    tab "Goddess Hecate, what a pleasure to see you once again." Shane said.
    tab The goddess's Long black hair was well past her hips and her dark eyes glittered with pride as she looked upon her new bloodline.
    tab "Young Shadow, As well as renaming you, I bless you with the mark of Dark Magic, my mark shall rest upon your Right arm."
    tab I looked to see a dark circle surrounded by black stars appear on my arm.
    tab "I thank you, my goddess." I said, bowing my head.