• "Nah, I live with my uncle and he's pretty chill."
    "Cool, Emma is bringing breakfast."
    I looked at him and he looked at me and he opened his mouth to say....

    to say," Are you going to tell Emma I stayed over?" He looked some what concerned. I felt I had to set him free. So I responded," No, but I need to act like its any other morning. So Im going to take a quick shower and change, I'll bring you some fresh clothes."
    "Okay, but who's clothes are they?" I laughed and told him,"Don't worry I've got clothes from when my 2nd cousin came over a last month. He forgot his third bag when he left. I keep forgetting to send them to him."
    He laughed and nodded. I turned and ran upstairs, I went to the guest room and bent down under the bed and pulled out a suitcase. The clothes were really my dads. I felt better to tell him it was my cousins. I zipped open the zipper and grabbed a pair of jeans a belt and I zipped up the suitcase. I then went to my room and grabbed my actual cousin's Hurley Davidson t-shirt. I then went back to the living room were he was on the phone. I put the clothes on the table and went back up stairs. I went in my room and shut the door. I went to my bathroom and hopped in the shower. The warm water felt good on my back. From laying on that couch my back had started to hurt. The warm water helped unknot my back. I quickly finished and got out. I wrapped the huge blue towel around me and went to my closet. I pulled out a yellow flowing tank top and some jean shorts. I put them on and blew dried my hair were it looked as if it had been air drying. I then ran downstairs and brushed my teeth. After my teeth were clean I wiped my face and turned around. When I turned I screamed. I quickly stopped when I saw it was Victor. He looked apologetic,"Sorry I heard the water running and I saw the door open. Sorry."
    I put my hand on my heart and panted,"No its fine just you scared me for a moment there. Anyway go ahead and put your clothes in the laundry room."
    He nodded and walked away. I looked back in the mirror and saw my cheeks were red. I laughed and heard the doorbell. I looked out the window and say it was just the UPS guy. I would just pick up the package when Emma got here. I walked to the laundry room and saw Victor doing his own laundry. I walked to the dryer and hopped up on it. He looked up and smiled. Man we have been doing a lot of smiling. I deiced it was time to cut to the chase, it was time to see if we were dating, friends, boyfriend and girlfriend and that kinda stuff. I looked at him and said,"So, I need to know something...what exactly are we?"
    He looked up and opened his mouth to and O shape and then closed it. He let out a huff of air and after a few seconds of awkward silence he broke it by stepping in front of me and he wrapped his arms around my waist. My heart sped, my pulse quickened, and my face was burning red. He looked deep in my eyes and searched for something. The silence wasn't awkward, now it was comfortable and...safe. He seemed to pin point an emotion. He bent in and his lips were barely touching mine when he said softly,"You tell me." My voice seemed to be lost, but some how I had found it and breathlessly said,"I..ah.." that was the end of the conversation. He seemed to know what I meant, or at least I think he knew. Anyway instead of thinking I put my arms around his neck. After a few seconds the doorbell rang. He let out a laugh and let me go. I hop down and started dizzily towards the door when his hand grabbed me. He spun me around and said,"Boyfriend, thats what I am." I smiled and nodded and I turned back and headed to the door. I opened the door and it was my neighbor. I looked at the eight year old boy named Charles. I smiled and cheerfully said," Hey Charles, what can I do for you?"
    "Hi Jayne, um yesterday I accidentally threw my football in your yard, and I came over and no one answered so I-"
    I cut him off with a wave and said,"No worries, sorry I wasn't home. Just hold on a sec while I go and get your football." When I turned around Victor was walking by. I turned to Victor and said," Hey can you keep Charles company while I get his football?"
    "Sure." He turned to Charles and started talking to him. I went to the side yard and found the football under a bush. I grabbed the football and walked back inside and gave Charles the ball. "Here ya go."
    "Thanks Jayne. Have a good day."
    "You too."
    Victor chimed in and said,"Bye kid."
    I looked at Victor and said,"I've got to go it these leaves out of my hair go ahead and sit in the kitchen or something, oh and Emma will probably just walk in."
    He nodded and I went upstairs. After taking the leaves out and brushing my hair, I went downstairs. I saw a open box of donuts and Victor and Emma. Emma waved and Victor smiled. All I thought was yum food. And all I said was,"Yum donuts." I grabbed a maple bar and walked to sit with them....