• “So, Helen if you are who you say you are, mind telling me exactly how the hell you're alive?"

    The vampiress smiled as she ran one hand through her golden-blond hair. “Technically, as you have already figured out, I have never been truly alive.” She paused and allowed a small smirk to play at her lips before continuing, “Tell me Zane, have you ever bothered to stop and wonder how much of what you have learned over the years is a true? Isn't there always that faint possibility that quite a few of your histories are nothing more than lies. Maybe, just maybe various myths and legends that you may or may not have heard are actually true and leaders in the world couldn't bear to let mere humans like yourself know such a thing.” Seeing the look of disbelief upon his face she flipped her hair and raised her voice slightly, “I can assure you that everything I have told you during the past few minutes is true, and I swear to God that if you can find a false word I'll never speak again. Don't give me that look, it is indeed true that I have been alive well since the times of ancient history. Mesopotamia to be exact, though I am the one you would call the fabled Helen of Troy, I have gone by several names throughout the past, and if you were to be so cruel to ask me to, I could disprove ever little myth you have heard about me or history in general.” Remembering his earlier question she added, “And I suppose you could call me a queen as well.”

    Taking her seat once more the smirk on her face faded as she watched Zane stand in silence. His face was without expression as he stood staring out the window, not even bothering to spare the woman across from him a glance. Biting her lip, Helen remained silent for several moments watching Zane stare at the ground before him, his features angry and his normally tanned skin pale. Allowing a small sigh to escape her lips she called his name quietly. Still there was no response from him and she was halfway concerned of the possibility that he had gone into shock.

    "Zane...?" She called once more.

    Turning to face her, Zane sighed before shaking his head. “Well at least we know that you'd be able to make it as an actress.” He said bitterly before leaving the room, taking care to slam the door behind him.