• Chapter 6

    I told her everything that had happened between the time when mommy died and to the time I fainted. She looked at me with sad eyes, as if she knew my pain I was feeling. I'm sure she lost someone she loved too, but I lost my mommy only 2 days ago. But I bet she lost someone she loved most through old age. Not by a car hitting them. And not by it being their fault. "Um," Kira started to say. I looked over at her and she looked sad still. She was looking at the floor. "Yes?" I asked. What now? "Your father want's you." I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I had wished it to be later, but my wish wasn't going to come true. Again. I nodded my head and went to the door. Before I could get it open, Kira said, "I'm sorry." And opened the door and went before I could even ask why she was sorry. I closed my door behind me and started to walk down the hall to where I knew daddy's room would be. I heard foot steps behind me. It must just be a maid. They come in and out of rooms so they can clean. I thought. But there was no door being opened. It sounded as if the foot steps were fallowing me. They must just be going to the second kitchen. The foot steps sounded like they were running now. Maid must be late for doing something. The foot steps started to get closer. I was starting to think someone was fallowing me. I kept on walking. But just before I got to the second kitchen, something pulled at the hem of my dress. I letout a little yelp, and looked down to see what had touched me. There was a little girl who looked to be about 4 years old. She had redish-orange hair, that went down to her shoulders. She was wearing a dress that looked like it was hand made by someone that didn't have much money. She was smiling at me. "Who are you?" I asked the little girl. "Melodie." She said and kept on smiling. "What's your last name?" I asked her. She just looked at me, not saying anything. After a minute I asked again, "What's your last name?" "My las' name is...ummm...ummm...oh! My las' name is Card." Melodie Card? Never heard of her. Wait! Why was there a little girl in the house. The clothes! She's a maid's little girl! If someone see's she she'll get kicked out, or worse. Killed. I have to do something. But I can't. Daddy need's to see me. I don't want to go see daddy. But, if I don't he'll just get even madder. What else is there for me to do but go see daddy. But what am I going to do with Melodie? Maybe daddy will understand. Maybe he wont kick her out. Maybe he'll let her stay. But he has never done that. Anytime a maid had her kid with her she would always try to hide them. It never worked. The kid would be seen. And then...kicked out or. Killed. Daddy started to do that when I was little. I still remember why he started to do it. It was because when a maid had come she ended up bringing her kid. At the time daddy didn't care. She was my age. She had short brown hair and her name was Nikoro. We became best friends. One day we were playing inside. We were running around. Nikoro sliped and fell into a vase. And it broke. Daddy came in and saw what hade happened. He then fired Nikoro's mom and Nikoro had to leave. I never saw her again. What sould I do about Melodie? I'll just take her to daddy, say she's my friend. Ya that's what I'll do. "Who's your mom, Melodie?" She looked up at me and said, "Her name is mommy." I laughed a little at this. Mommy had told me her name, when I had asked her. "Whas' so funny?" Melodie asked me. "Nothing. Come." I started to walk but I didn't hear Melodie fallowing me. I turned around and saw Melodie looking at me. She looked scared. "What's wrong?" "Where are we going?" She asked. "Were going to see my daddy, why?" She started to shake her head no and started to back away. Why was she scared of daddy? I mean, I know why I'm scared but why is she? Does she even know my daddy? She kept backing away slowly and she wasn't paying atention and she sliped and fell. I ran over to her and helped her get up to her feet. She looked up at me and said, "I wan' my mommy." Tears started to run down her cheeks. I didn't want to see her cry. It wasn't right for little kids to cry. It was just too sad. I picked her up and carried her down to wear daddy was waiting for me. Before I went in I put her down and told her to come with me. I opened the door and went inside. "Daddy?" I said. "Get in here." I did as he said and when to where he was. "Where's your mother?" I knew this question was going to be asked by him sometime but I really wished it wouldn't have been asked. "She's...I don't know." I lied. I couldn't tell him. "I see. Pack your stuff and leave. I'm giving you away to a home where other homeless kids go. An orfanage." "What!? Why!? I didn't do any_" "Don't yell in my house. Get out. Go pack your stuff and be ready to go in half and hour. Got it? And I don't want to hear another word come out of you mouth. Oh, and as for that little girl, take her with you. No maids kids in the house. I also don't like liers. Your mothers death is on the news. I know you lied to me. Now go pack your stuff. Oh, and get her stuff too. I want you both gone. You may leave now." "But_" He looked up at me and he was really mad. It looked as if he was about to kill someone. He looked at Melodie and gave her the same stair. I felt her start trembling. She was really scared of my dad. But why? She couldn't have known her. He would have kicked her out when he first saw her. I turned around and left. I started to cry. I could feel the tears buliding up in my eyes. I felt them on my cheeks and on my neck. What was going to happen to me now? Where was I going to live? Where was Melodie going to live? Who was Melodie's mom? How would I tell her that Melodie had to leave? "Melodie, it's going to be ok. Ill stay with you no matter what." She looked up at me her eyes still watery. I want my mommy." She said again. "Where's your mommy?" I asked. She had to be around here somewhere. She looked down again and started to cry a little. "What's the matter? I'm sure ill find your mommy. What does she look like?" "My mommy died." "I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to lose your mom." She looked up at me with disgust. "But you don' know what is like to lose your mom from someone you know. You don' know who was drivin da truck. You don't know who it was that killed your mommy. I do. I saw who killed her." She started to cry again. "Who killed your mom, Melodie? You can tell me." She looked up at me again with that face full of hate. I didn't know why she was looking at me like that. "You don' know. It was your daddy." What! "What!? When? How? Why?" She was still glaring at me. "I was dare lookin through the door, I was goin to go in when mommy sat down. Mommy looked tire and I didn't want to make mommy more tired. So I was going to leave but I heard something break and so I went to go hide. Your daddy came in and I looked back through the door. I guess she foun a key. She stuck the key in a lil key hole and it came open. There was a room. She wen into it. There were los of books init. I don know what was in da books. Your daddy was really quite. Mommy didn't see him. Mommy came down and was weading a book. He took the book from her and then killed her." I didn't know what to say. My dad had killed her mommy. I turned around and started to walk the way I had came. I was going to ask daddy one last thing. I just hoped he said yes.