• "Gracelynn? That's a nice name,I'm Aila!"
    Aila replied, pushing her messenger bag closer to the fuzzy wall.
    "Oh and thanks for the hello!"
    She added.
    "No problem! So you new here, eh?"
    Gracelynn asked in her cheerful voice.
    "Yea, you a regular?"
    Aila wondered.
    "Yup, you will love it here!"
    "Yes, oh and this school may not seem normal, kay? Its a bit on the eccentric side, not always cocky eccentric, sometimes we are obnoxiously scary."
    "Um... you are? You seem nice!"
    "Well our teacher's, some are nice, but... you wait and see."
    "Okay... HEY want a bracelet?I have so many, my Mom wanted me to give some up!"
    "Sure, you know what Aila. Your alright!"

    "Okay guys were almost at the school!"
    The bus driver announced.It was scary how much he sounded like Bernie Mac, but looked like a weirdo that plays a twilight vampire.
    "Aila, wanna know something?"
    Gracelynn asked.
    Aila sat up from her I-am-so-tired-but-alas-I-cannot-sleep pose.
    "This school is gorgeous! There are flourished plants and the school is lovely and obviously it is huge, and also, there is a lot of land we own, including oceanfronts,So on weekends we can go to the beach, and eat outside, go for jog's,OH we should so go on a jog Saturday! No cookies! Okay one, per week, well your skinny... you need some steak, yea we will put some meat on those bones, OH I AM RAMBLING!!! So sound good?"
    "Yea it does! Oh, and am I really that skinny?"
    "Uh, yea..!"
    "Oh boy!"
    "Don't worry, our school food is not crap, or moves... so no worries, you will get protein!"
    "Okay, um thanks I guess..."
    "No problem!"

    "Were here kids! Okay now get your bag's and enjoy the school!"
    The bus driver said over the intercom.
    "Need help with your baggage?"
    Gracelynn offered.
    "I got it, I will meet you when I get off the bus."
    Aila replied.
    "Okay, see you!"
    Gracelynn quickly got her stuff and abolished her stay on the bus.
    Aila unhooked her bags, making sure they were okay, all zippers were closed.
    She was getting them out when someone brushed past her and made her loose her balance and began her decent into the next row of seats, landing in a lateral position, all her bags following after.
    "You okay?"
    A boy asked.
    "Yea,I am, thanks."
    Aila started to get up as the boy moved the bags and offered his hand.
    "I'm Collin."
    Collin helped her up.
    "You be careful."
    He pointed in her direction and walked off.
    Aila gathered her stuff and got off the bus.
    She looked around and found Gracelynn.
    Gracelynn read her expression.
    "So, I see you met Collin."