• 10. The Dream

    “Abby, you look so beautiful tonight.” He whispered as I sat down in the fancy seat in front of him. I took his hand in mine and he kissed it.
    “Thank you, Josh. You look stunning yourself. So, what’s with the high end restaurant in Paris?” I asked.
    “Tonight’s a special occasion.” He said simply.
    “Really? And what is that?”
    “Well, let’s wait until after you finish eating for me to tell you, okay? But be careful, we don’t want that pretty dress of yours to get messy.” He smiled. I was wearing an elegant black silky dress that hung just above my knees. It also had a low cut V neck that showed a decent amount of cleavage.
    "Gosh, I don't know what to get, it's all in French!" I laughed, trying out little words that looked easy to pronounce from the menu.
    "That's all right, love, I'll order for you.” He said grabbing the menu as our waiter came over.
    “Comment peux-je vous aider?” he asked.
    “Rien pour moi ce soir mais, Mai j'obtiens l'à de Poulet de Herbed à la Francaise pour mon fiancé,” Josh asked in French.
    " Mon plaisir. Et boire?” said the waiter.
    “What would you like to drink?” Josh said to me.
    “Uh, coke?” I asked.
    He chuckled, shook his head and then told the waiter, “Lorina.”
    “Je reviens de suite avec votre ordre.”
    “Merci.” Josh said sincerely.
    “That was not coke, what did you get me?” I asked.
    “Sparkling lemonade, it’s a French specialty.”
    "Oh, well, wow. I didn't know you knew how to speak French." I said, astonished.
    "158 years of being single, what would you do with your time?" he smiled.
    I giggled, “So, what was that last part about?”
    “Huh?” he looked confused.
    “Don’t play dumb with me, mister,” I smiled, “I heard the word fiancé.”
    “Oh. That. Well, I wanted you to eat dinner first… but, since you already heard I might as well do it now.” he explained as he stood up and walked by my side.
    “W-what are you talking about, Josh?” I asked, my eyes were getting all cloudy because I knew what was about to happen.
    He got down on one knee, took my left hand and asked, “Abigail Marie Tracy, I love you more than anything in my never ending life. You are sweeter than any prize ever won, I promise to love you for as long as you live, will you marry me?”
    “Yes.” I whispered and began to cry as I kissed his soft, cold lips.

    I jolted up right in my bed. I was gasping for air as tears started to fall onto my sweaty cheeks.
    “It was all a dream; it was all a dream…” I sobbed over and over again.

    Why? Why now? I asked myself.

    11. Sex on the Beach

    4 Years Later
    “Happy twenty-first birthday Abby!” everyone yelled as I walked through the door of my apartment with Damien.
    “Aw, thank you so much you guys!” All my friends, family, and co-workers were cramped into my small living room.
    “Guess what, hun?” my best friend, Sarah, asked.
    “You’re officially twenty-one! Yay, you get to go out with me and Jessie tonight and party!” she screamed.
    “Are you drunk?”
    “Just a little.” She admitted.
    “Yeah, sure. I’ll go with you two; I’ll ask Damien if he wants to go. Sit down and don’t throw up on my couch. Okay?”
    “Yes ma’am.” She said, and then stumbled over to my brand new sofa.
    I walked into my kitchen and saw Damien standing with Toby just talking and sipping something out of a red plastic cup. I walked over to him, kissed him on the lips and asked, “Do you want to go out tonight with Jessie and Sarah?”
    “Yeah, sure, babe.” He said, and then kissed me again before I left the kitchen to tell Sarah the good news.
    “He said yes, so it looks like I’m going.” I said cheerfully.
    “Omg, that’s awesome. I need to tell you something, like now.” she said so seriously that her face almost looked sober.
    “Okay, hun.” I said as she dragged me to the bathroom.
    “You have to promise you won’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you, okay? Not Jessie, not even Damien, alright?” she whispered fiercely.
    "Sarah... What's going on?"
    "Abby... I'm pregnant." she finally answered.
    It took me a few moments to process this, maybe to long because she started to shake me, "Abby? Abby, I'm telling the truth!"
    "Yep, pregnant," she shuddered, "ugh, that word just scares the hell out of me. I mean, I would love being a mother, but now? I feel so young."
    "But you were drinking..." I was still lost in my thoughts.
    "I know, that's supposed to be bad for the baby, but I couldn't help but celebrate! I'm super happy, like you don't even know."
    "Does Jessie know?"
    "No, he doesn't know just yet... but I was wondering if you could help me break the news to him."
    "Sure, but wait, you're not a virgin anymore?" I snapped out of my daze.
    "Well, obviously not. Wait, you haven't let Damien pop your cherry?" she gasped.
    "What? No! Of course not... we're not in this relationship for sex, he loves me and he knows that I'll tell him when I'm ready."
    "Aw, I love how innocent you are," she smiled, "But, you two have been together for four years, sweetie."
    "I know, so have you and Jessie, and look at you now! You're pregnant!"
    "Shh, not so loud! But, yeah I know. And the sex was great!"
    "Ew!" I shouted covering my ears and shutting my eyes, "TMI, TMI, TMI! Too much information!"
    She laughed and then sighed as I opened my eyes, "See, this is why you're my best friend."
    "The one and only," I smiled and gave her a huge hug.
    "I love you, Abby."
    "I love you too, Sarah." I whispered.
    "Hey!" Someone said as they slammed the door open, "Get out! Get out! I need to pee!" It was my crazy boss, Linda.
    "Ha ha, okay!" we laughed together and then ran out of the bathroom.

    "Abby, you look hot!" Sarah yelled as she and Jessie came to pick Damien and me up from our apartment. I was wearing black leggings with a long, red and silver striped tang top with some cute black pumps ─I'm officially in love with heals, they're almost the only type of shoe I wear─, my hair was also scrunched, as usual.
    My little birthday bash was fun and it died down pretty quick, mostly because some of my friends had to work the next day. A few months ago, Damien, Jessie, Sarah and I snagged a temporary job at Hollister for the time being while we finish off our last year in college. Soon after we will be moving back to Rhode Island to be closer to our families. Mainly my mom and her husband for me, who just happens to be my drama teacher from high school.
    "Thanks. You look so pretty too, Sarah!" I complimented back.
    "So, where are we going?" Damien asked as we got into the back seat of Jessie's Escalade.
    "Only the hottest Club in Cali! The Hard Rock Cafe." Jessie answered; he was our DD ─designated driver─ because he was only twenty.
    We arrived and got a valet to park our car as we walked inside.
    "No drinks for you, missy." I said to Sarah.
    "Shh! Not so loud! I told you I promise to tell him by tonight, okay?"
    "Ha, okay.” I said as I walked to the bar with Damien and Sarah, "God, I don't know what to get."
    "Can I get one Sex on the Beach for my best friend?" Sarah asked the bartender.
    "Sure, sis. And for you, sir?" he asked Damien.
    "Corona, please."
    "Coming right up."
    "Did he just call you sis?" I asked Sarah.
    "Yep, wait, you didn't know?"
    "Know what?"
    "Terrance works here. He came to visit me while I go to college with you; it's just a temp job, though. I'm making him pay rent while he stays at my apartment with me and Jessie."
    "And you never told me?"
    "Of course not. That guy practically stocked you in high school; I just wanted to keep your relationship with Damien safe. No need to thank me now." she laughed.
    "Here you go, beautiful, and happy birthday." Terrance said as he handed me my drink.
    "Thanks, Terrance." I said.
    "Oh, so you remember me?" He joked as he handed Damien his beer.
    "Of course I do. Oh, I forgot to say Hi. Hi, bye." I said as I grabbed my drink and Damien's hand. I dragged him to the dance floor and started to dance as I nursed my drink. I could feel myself getting Tipsy really fast.
    We were there for a few hours before I was ready to go home, "Where's Jessie? I'm ready to hit the sheets." I giggled because of the double meaning in my words.
    "Over here, babe." Damien escorted me to the back seat of Jessie's car where I was too drunk to sit up so I laid my head in Damien's lap. He stroked my hair gently on the way home while I played with his fingers on the hand I was holding.
    "Byeee!" I yelled at Jessie's car as him and Sarah drove away to their apartment.
    "C'mon honey, let's get you inside." Damien whispered. After he shut the door I threw him up against it and covered his face with kisses, "Are you sure, Abby?" he whispered slowly against my lips as I put my hands under his shirt. I just nodded slightly and he gathered me in his arms, scooped me up bridal style, and brought me to our room. He continued to kiss me the whole way, without parting once, even when he placed me gently on the bed.
    He pulled away as I ripped his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants; he gracefully shoved my shirt off and unclipped my bra with one swift movement. He released his grip around my waist as he tugged off his pants, we were to into the moment and not sober minded enough to even think of condoms. He kissed me and didn't stop, even when he said, "Sweetie, this is going to hurt, I'm sure it will, but only for a moment. I'm sorry, and I love you."
    It did hurt, but like he promised, it was only for a moment. Our kisses were mostly substituted with slight gasps and moans, but it was over before I wanted it to stop.

    "Morning sunshine." he smiled against my lips.
    "Ugh, my head hurts like a mother." I whispered.
    “Here, take these.” He said as he handed me to pills, “It’s Advil, it will help get rid of your hangover.”
    “Thanks.” I whispered as I slowly got out of bed, “Ugh,” I groaned, “My body is aching.”
    “A late night can do that to you.” He laughed. I ran into the bathroom seconds later and threw up. My body heaved and hurt so much I had to hold my sides to make sure I didn’t fall apart.
    “Are you okay, honey?” Damien called from the bedroom.
    “Y-yeah, I think it was from last night.” I croaked. After I flushed the toilet, I brushed my teeth and grabbed a cup of water, with which I drank my Advil with. I walked slowly back to the bed and covered my naked body up with our blanket.
    “It’s okay, baby, it’ll pass.” Damien said as he stroked my head like he did the night before.
    I fell asleep again and the smell of chocolate chip pancakes woke me up.
    “Morning, sleepy head,” Damien smiled as I sat down on the bar stool by the Island. I was wearing his robe because, for some reason, he was wearing mine. That got a giggle out of me.
    “Morning. Ugh, my head still hurts.” I complained.
    “Here, maybe you’re just hungry,” he said as he placed a stack of pancakes in front of me, this made my mouth water, “We didn’t eat last night after all. This should fill you up, though.”
    Before he finished talking, I was already finished with the first cake. Why am I so hungry? I wondered. As fast as I finished the first one, the second was gone. I ate the four pancakes in less than five minutes.
    “Damn, it looks like you were hungry. Would you like some more?” he asked. I nodded, but when I did this, I gagged and raced to the bathroom again.
    “Jesus.” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around my stomach and laid my body on the cold tile.
    “Abby…?” Damien had a very serious look on his face.
    “It’s okay, it’s okay.” I said and then got up to get back in bed, “I just need some rest, that’s all.”
    “Okay, well come out when you’re ready. Sleep well, I love you.” Damien kissed my forehead as I drifted off to sleep.

    12. Just a Little Test.

    It’s been three weeks since my birthday, and I still feel horrible. I’ve been eating like crazy, and it’s showing just slightly. The throwing up went down just a little, so I only do it in the mornings.
    “Let’s go! I can’t wait to see if I’m allowed to find out the sex of the baby!” Sarah was jumping up and down on our way to the hospital, today was her first ultrasound and she asked me to go with her because Jessie had work.
    She’s been pregnant for about a month, and she constantly rubs her little pouch. When she told Jessie the news three weeks ago, he fainted. I smiled at this memory because Sarah called me seconds after I woke up from my nap, just to tell me what happened. She started freaking out, it was pretty funny.
    “Hello ladies, do you have an appointment?” the receptionist asked us as we walked into the lobby.
    “Yes, McAllister for 2:30.” I answered for Sarah.
    “Ah, yes, here we are. Right this way.” She said as she led us into one of the back rooms, “The doctor will be here shortly.” She said, and then shut the door as she left.
    Sarah got onto the bed and made the paper on it crackle. She started to bounce up and down while she spoke to me, “Abby, I can’t wait!” She started to rub her belly, “I’m going to get to see you baby. I can’t wait to see you. Mommy loves you, Angel, mommy loves you,” she cooed.
    “What did you say?” I asked.
    “Oh,” she blushed a little, “It’s just a name me and Jessie picked out, if she’s a girl, we’ll name her Angel.”
    “That’s a really cute name, I love it.” I smiled.
    The doctor came in shortly after.
    “Hello, Ms. McAllister. How are you today?” the doctor asked. She was short, light skinned and she had long, curly hair.
    “I’m very excited!” she almost shouted.
    The doctor laughed, “You should be, carrying a baby is a very happy process, it comes with pain, too. But, it’s a big change, and every change should come with a little pain, right? Or it really doesn’t matter. Now, let’s get started.”
    After she was finished putting the jell goop on her belly, we saw a round egg-like shape on the screen. I was holding Sarah’s hand for support, and she squeezed it just gently. Sarah started to cry a little after a while.
    “Look at that,” I whispered, “its little Angel.”
    She smiled at me while the doctor printed out the picture and wiped off all the gunk from her stomach.
    Before the doctor said we could leave I asked her, “Uh, Doc?”
    “Yes ma’am?” she responded.
    “Uh, I’ve been sick every morning for like three weeks. At first I thought it was just a really bad hangover, but it never went away and now I’m eating like crazy.”
    “It was like that for me,” Sarah said, “Are you sure you’re not…” she didn’t finish.
    “It could be just a cold. Or you could be like Ms. McAllister, here. When was your last period?”
    I counted on my fingers, “Over a month ago… it was supposed to be last week,” I whispered, “I’ve never missed a period in my life.”
    “Well, you could take a standard pregnancy test. How long has it been since you were sexually active?” she asked in a very serious voice.
    “About three weeks ago, and the next morning I had a really bad hangover and it seemed like I puked my guts out.”
    She laughed and then went to one of the cabinets and grabbed something that looked like a stick, “Here, pee on the end of this and when you’re finished, there will be either a plus or minus sign. If it’s plus, come back in here and I will give you an ultrasound. If not, you may leave.”
    “Okay.” I said, and then took the pregnancy test from her. Me and Sarah went into the bathroom while I took the test.

    I looked at the picture they printed it out and I started to cry again.
    “Abby! I’m super happy for you! Yay, we get to be pregnant together!” she yelled.
    “I need to tell him…” I whispered as I drove home.
    “Well of course you to! C’mon lets go to the store right now and announce the great news to everyone!”
    I sighed, “Okay.”
    We walked into Hollister and everyone seemed to greet us. I walked behind the counter and kissed Damien on the lips.
    “Hey, baby. How did the ultrasound thing go?” Damien asked me.
    “It was great; they even gave us a picture.” I held up my ultrasound paper and showed it to him.
    “Aw, is this your guy’s little baby? Pretty small for one month, don’t you think?” Damien said.
    “No,” Sarah laughed and held up her picture, “This is our baby! That, is yours.”
    “W-what…?” Damien muttered.
    I smiled softly and said, “Baby, I’m pregnant.”
    Damien fainted.