• Morgana circled around me, slowly, inspecting every fold of silk, every detail, every pattern of lace. Finally, she stopped.
    "What is it?" I asked, lowering my head to stare at my stomache.
    "Kelyla, it has almost everything... Do you have a pair of shoes?" Morgana's fiery brown eyes boared into mine as she asked me.
    "Morgana I've never been the one for dress up you should know that." She was pacing the room mumbling.
    All I could think about was the dress. Beautiful pale blue silk that clung to my curves and emphasised them, the silk also clung loosely at the waist and spun out into delicate folds. The train of the dress was lace covered silk that sparkled in the lamp light. The bodice had no straps and held me in tight. The back was open but held together by criss crossing gold wire.
    I swept in a circle and my milk chocolate brown curls bounced and flaoted in the air. Morgana had begun to rummage in one of her many woooden chests. After a few minutes she pulled out a white lump of cloth.
    "Kelyla, these are special. They've never been altered throught out 12 weddings and are your family's only heir loom. Never altered and worn on every queen's wedding. Queen Aliya, may She rest in peace, would have loved to see you in these as did her mother. They're an exact 6 1/2 size. Every Queen has had the same size foot." Morgana smiled and unwraped the bundle.
    In the middle of soft folds of cotton were 2 inch high heels, with silver straps that had to be tied all the way up your calf and in a bow. Of course my dress would cover it, but they were amazing.
    I pulled up the hem of my dress and Morgana slipped the heels on and tied them for me.
    "Thank you, Morgana. For everything, really." I gave her a sad smile.
    "Its time. Good luck, Kelyla. You look beautiful."
    As Morgana finished, I walked out of the room and into the church. I was to be wed to become Queen.