• "Mom you can't send me there!" I said objectivly putting my hands on my hips. "You have to sweetie! It was my only choice! Your fathers in India for the month and I have a business meeting in Coloumbia this weekend. if i make this then I'll ahve to stay for another year! Please Maddi." my mom begged. "Fine but if cousin Eddy makes me sleep on the floor for a whole year then i'm throwing him out the window and he can sleep in his own blood!"I said storming off into my room.
    "Ugh!!!" I said thrusting my suitecase out of my closet. I yanked open my dresser drawers and started stuffing everything into my suitcase. My mother Teresia said I had to travel halfway across the Country to Washington D.C. to live with my Uncle George for a whole year!! Plus, my dog Cocoa can't come with me because my other cousin Verionica is allergic. My cell phone was sitting on my dresser untoutched until I picked it up.
    2 new messages?I thought. I unlocked my keyboard and saw who they were from. It was my Uncle's Next door neighbor Harrison. He has this major crush on me for some reason, and I have no idea how he got my cell number. Probably from Eddy. I pulled a prank on him by putting his hand in warm water last time i was there.
    The text said,
    I am so excited that your coming to visit for a whole year! maybe we can get to know each other more.
    lov- I mean Sincerly,
    Harry Pits

    I gave that name to him because he just like it.
    "OMG" i said when I saw who the next message was from. It was my crush Dean Summers.
    The text said,
    I know that we've never gotten to know each other very much and that i've ignored you most of my life, but i think that now would be the perfect time to start. Meet me at Greyson's @ 4 sharp.
    Your (soon to be friend)

    I immeadatly grabbed my jacket and purse. I waved goodbye to my mother who wasn't very happy i was going, and started walking down the street. I didn't realize there was a man following me until he grabbed me. The next thing i saw was black...