• Snow covered the city floor in a light blanket. Even in the darkest time it still seemed to brighten up the night. The golden glow of a near by street lamp danced in the winter air as people ran to their destinations in a hurry to escape the midnight chill. Her amber eyes watched them, longing to feel the icy air brush against her pale cheeks. She waited, hoping that the slight breeze would make her shiver...nothing. It was always winter for Aliah. She couldn't remember the last time she felt the touch of the sun nor the chill of a new winter. Her long black hair flowed gently down her shoulders as her long coat dragged on behind her. The faint memory of being humen drifted away from her day by day. Aliah sighed slightly at her thoughts as she pushed herself on towards 8th street before she was stopped suddenly by the screaming of a younger women.

    " Someone help!"

    Aliah stopped in her tracks as the women kneeled by a figure. Red stained snow pooled all around him.

    "Please help me!" the women yelled, her voice full of tears. Aliah smelled at the air. She closed her eyes feeling the faint heart beat of the boy who lay still. Another figure came running from a near by corner store. The older women covered the boy with a blanket as she looked up and down the streets. Aliah watched wide eyed frozen in her tracks. She had almost forgotten humen emotions. Tears ran down the womens face as she looked up at Aliah. For that moment she felt something that she hadn't felt in years...sorrow. Aliah pulled her jacket from her body and placed it over the boys bleeding neck. Her senses tingled as she held the urge back. This mortal was in her hands. Sirens echoed in the back of her mind as she closed her eyes. It was a blur as they pulled him into the ambulance the women cried as they rushed her son away.

    Without looking back Aliah contiuned on. Her pale skin shimmering in the moonlight. The women from the corner store stared faintly at Aliah clutching onto her jacket. The older women ran suddenly at Aliah

    "Miss. Excuse me miss.." Aliah turned around to see a light smile on the womens face.

    " Thank you. They were mugged in the ally by persons unknown. I didn't see them really, but what I did see...wasn't normal." Aliah knew all to well who they were. Her body tightened slightly.

    " I didn't see anything, I was coming up the street when...I heard the screams." Aliah announced shaking her hand slightly. The women smiled and placed a warm hand on Aliah's shoulder

    " Thank you. You didn't have to stop but you did, your an angel in my eyes." The women said turning away. Aliah couldn't find words she stood silently. A light smile grew acrossed her face as she contiuned on into the night.