• For Natasha Melocá, also known as Nash or Nelly, life can sometimes be hard for her, having this ‘gift’ of reading minds and feeling hidden feelings from people around her, by looking in to there eyes- students she can handle but adults, that’s another thing. Not knowing her father kills her because she feels like theirs something missing or her father can answer her main question- why did he leave her? Was it cause of her?
    Now school is coming back and Natasha has to deal with Pinky, schools’ richest and popular girl with her posy, her crush since 3rd grade, and if things couldn’t get worse, her math and human science teacher and secret vampire lovers who maybe can answer her questions about her father.
    As Natasha goes through high school with pinky, her friends, and her secret vampire teachers, she finds another world that can lead her to her father and another guy she may like but can also lead her and the people she loves in danger.
    Will she choose her new life or her old life?

    Chapter 1 NIGHTMARE

    I was sitting on my bed as usual, in my colorful room watching TV, not really watching TV but just staring at the TV. I was focused on my brother, Nick, don’t ask. I was thinking of why he’s a hypocrite. For an example, he always tells me to knock on his room door or if he’s in there, don’t enter, but when it comes to me, THE RULE DOESN’T EXIST!
    Just then my door swings open, finding my brother standing in the entrance.
    “ Hey, pass me your remote, I want to watch something’.” Nick says grabbing the remote off my bed. Am I stupid or something, why did I just let him take it?
    “Umm…Nick. A. Why did you just walk in to my room and not knock? And B. what are you making me watch? I say, annoyed.
    “A. I’m to special to knock on YOUR door and B. the drawing for meeting Frankie J., to spend a whole day with him is on. The first two people picked, wins.” Nick says blankly.
    I never met anyone so addicted to Fankie J. and why does anyone want to spend the whole day with a guy who only sings songs in acapella, only beats from your mouth can get boring after about…I don’t know…3 minutes.
    “ and the two winners spending a day with frankie J. are Aaliyah Monterio and-and”
    “come on! Hurry already!” nick yells at the TV. c**, Desperate much?
    “Nick…Melocu…wait, I’m sorry Melcoá! And there are our winners to spend a daywith Frankie J. Thanks for watching Mtv,win a day.”
    “ YES! I won I’m going to spend a day with Frankie J. …I won…you others lost…” Nick says doing the running man. I have the creepiest brotherr in the world.
    “ umm… nick can you leave now so I can like, SLEEP! Tomorrow is the first day of school and I don’t want to look tired for it.So bye.” I said pushing him out the door.
    “ O! so you can look awake for your boyfriend.” Nick teased.
    I slapped the door on his face and lock it. I walked over to my bed and got in between the sheets,I set my alarm and clap twice to turn off my sunset lights and fliped the switch to turn on my ocean blue lights. I felt light and next minute I was in a room with tables….

    The tables were lined up like the ones in a cafateria,chairs conneted to the table.students were sitting on some of the tables,some sitting in the chairs. I remember this day,it was the day I wore a pink button down blouse to school in 10th grade. I was sitting at a table with my friends ,kiki,Alex,josh,and caliesa.I got up to get milk, but I was stoped by her.
    “o look what we have here, a want to be pinky. Well… what do you have to say for your sely? Says pinky. The most popular girl in school, not only popular but rich.Also the queen of pink,explains her nickname pinky.
    “umm…I just put pink on…i…didn’t…want to offend you…I-” I say,shyly.
    “ooo! So you don’t think pink takes time to find a good color to go with it? Well…then, don’t wear pink-
    Oops…I didn’t mean to do that or did I?” SHE POORED HER ICE COFFEE ON ME! You don’t know how long it’s going to take to get it out.Then my nightmare begins,everyone is laughing and commenting on the tan and pink shirt I’m wearing. Then, I start to cry.
    “ aww…want to be pinky is crying. How ‘bout you go home and stay there. It would make your life less,how do you say it…icy.” She says giggling,her posy covering their laughs.
    I run,I am in the nurse’s office and changing and crying BUZZ!

    Chapter 2 Micheal Jackson split

    I woke up with a scare on my face.I can feel it. I got up, and walked to my closet,opened it, and stared what should I wear.
    What should I wear? I thought. I got new clothes over the summer,lets hope queen pinky doesn’t mess them up over the weeks of school.Touching my green shirt that has fake rubies on it, then I looked at the black jeans that had 3 cuts on the thighs, but the short navy blue shorts look madnific/que. I grabbed the green shirt and the black jeans, put them on and went over to my full lengthen mirror. I looked my reflection,my long black hair laid calmly on my shoulders,my caramel skin were bright from my cream.I walked in to my private bathroom,brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair. I exited my bathroom and walked over to my make-up dresser, I finished with that I walked over to get my bag that laid on my computer chair.
    Honey your going to be late for school…hurry up in there.” My mom says in her ‘angry’ voice,she’s too sweet to be angry. The last time nick and I saw her angry was when her sister called some names that I’m not even allowed to repeat.
    I walked down stairs,high fived my brother,took a bagel off the table and yelled bye before I exited the house. I looked up at the sky,seeing the sun I shot my head down and put my sunglasses on and put my sunscreen on, my skin burns easily in the sun.I walked to school cause, one I hated driving with my brother and his farting friends and I didn’t want to go on the school bus with pinky.
    “yo! Nash..what’s up?” yells Josh, my next door neighbor and my secret crush since 3rd grade. I love how he’s the only one in my school who calls me Nash,it makes me feel special to him. He walks over to me and walks with me to school,side by side.i talk to him like I have only friend-feelings for him.
    “ SCHOOL of course…unless you forgot again?” I asked him.
    “ no…maybe…OK yeah I forgot again…BUT my mom woke me up on time.you walking to school?” he says.
    “ yeah…you think I’m going to ride on a jack-up bus with ‘queen pinky’.”
    “I’ll walk with you…are you going to walk by your friend’s house,nut case.” He says,I giggle.
    We continue to walk and we turn on beacon street,then walk straight the turned right.We stop in front of a blue and purple 2 floor house.
    “KIKI, COME ON YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!” I yell in front of kiki’s house.Kiki is Spanish,long brown hair,tan skin, and tan brown eyes.She is like the top wanted on pinky’s listed, but kiki hates pink and doesn’t like how they treat others.
    “Nelly…wait. I’m coming!” kiki yells through her room window.Then, the front door swings open.
    “ Nelly!” she yells,runs over and gives me a hug.
    “kiki!” I yell back.
    “kiki…” Josh says emotion-less.
    “Josh!” says kiki giving a hug too,he doesn’t push her away,he hugs her back.
    “hi kiki, how was your summer?” josh says releasing her from their hug.
    “ yeah how was your summer in Spain?” I said.
    “ Spain was OK, the food was good,the boys were,to die for,but when it hit night time, my parents and I went to this party and they were embarrassing. My dad was doing dance moves that didn’t even exist. But once the Spanish version of bad my Micheal Jackson, dad lost it. He did the moon walk to the beat it moves than…the split. He went down,never came back up.” Kiki said, staring out of space, remembering the day.
    Josh and I start to laugh, imagining that just makes you laugh.
    “ guys that’s not funny…my dad had to stay in the clinic for 2 days .”kiki says, with a sad face.
    “ ok we’re sorry..we feel sad for your dad.” Josh says, still giggling.
    We get to the school and we go to our lockers, we are right next to each other,Josh was first then Alex,my other friend,then me then caliesa.Then, I hear a squeaky scream. I turn around.

    Chapter 3 pinky’s party invite

    “ OMIGOD! Nelly is that you…you look awesome, well not better than I do. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” said Alex, my bff ever since 1st grade. She has the best style but no one ever tells her, but I do. Alex is Korean and Chinese, she is like the smartest kid in the school sometimes she is lost, like real lost (crazy lost).
    “ Hey Alex.” Hugging each other. I missed her hugs; they always keep me happy and never make me scared.
    “ How was your summer…HI KIKI!” says Alex letting go of me and giving kiki and Josh a hug. This is a top secret about Alex, SHE LIKES JOSH TOO! I’m to scared to tell her I like him too…my brother, Nick, says I should tell her but I’m scared she’s going to kill me.
    “ Earth to Nelly…Nelly you OK?” Alex asks, in her concerned voice. But really she just wanted josh to look at her, c**…I KNOW YOU LIKE HIM JUST ASK HIM OUT ALREADY! STOP ACTING LIKE YOU CARE BOUT ME!
    “ Ooh…sorry just thinking what you guys talking about?” I say, jumping into the conversation.
    “ Well…I was talking about how we never switch lockers. I would not mind the lockers closer to the girls bathroom or next to the water fountain.” Said Josh.
    “ You’re such a pig, and the girls bathroom doesn’t smell good or looks good at all.” I said.
    “He’s not a pig, he’s desperate. We should math him up with…EVIL QUEEN PINKY! MAHAHAHAHA!” Alex says, laughing at her evil laugh.
    “ Did you call me?” o no! It’s queen pinky herself, she has blond hair and aqua blue eyes. She looks like a supermodel but is evil like a tick,won’t stop biting till she is full.
    “ No…I mean…we were just talking about how…umm…unique your outfit is.” Said Alex, nervously.
    “ O…thank you. I got it in Italy. My mom went there and bought it for me because I was busy in Paris with my dad. Did you know that some models there are bulimic? It’s disgusting.” Said pinky, in her ‘OMG’ tone. But really she can brag all she wants but she isn’t going to make me care ‘bout her rich life.
    “O…I didn’t see you their Natasha ops…I mean Nelly…it looks like you got a summer make over…” says pinky. Does she hate something or me …I didn’t do anything to her too. I can say so many things to her starting with Bi-
    “Yes…I went shopping with my mom and well…the stores took over me.” I say in my most pathetic voice I could.
    Pinky and her ‘friends’ start to ‘laugh’ at my joke. I am not convinced that they’re laughing for real.
    “Ahh…Nelly you are so funny. So umm…josh I’m having a welcome back party Next Saturday and I was hoping you would come?” says pinky, every topic that comes out her mouth is mostly ‘bout herself, a party, or ‘bout me.
    “ Umm…sure if I get to have my girlfriends there with me…then OK I don’t mind, do you, girlfriends mind?” said josh, looking at us but stops at Alex. Then looks back at pinky.
    “ O-OK…umm…you girls are invited to and the party is at 8 finishes at midnight. So see yea…bye josh.” Says pinky, giving Josh an invitation, then, winking at josh as she walks away.
    What I could do to that girl for flirting with my man…I mean flirting with josh. That’s just sick. (You don’t know what I’d do for a boy like Josh. The first thing is destroying pinky, then make Alex not like him, then show Josh my real side.)
    Sorry ‘bout the parenthesis my ‘bad girl’, AKA evil Nelly was talking, inside me, well…in my thoughts.
    I looked through my locker to see if I could distract myself from what just happened with pinky and the party, but I slowly hear giggling and I see the hallways empty, but only Josh, Alex, and I are left.