• Vampire Angel
    Vol. 1
    Everything was silent until a large sigh broke the night air. 16 year old Matsurika Nato groaned as she stared at the books surrounding her.
    "Ugh" she complained. "All of this homework is so hard. Back at my old school they had different levels for everything."
    Matsurika stopped for a moment to look at the night sky.
    "Its so pretty and peaceful at night , " she stated. "I don't see how people find the night scary."
    After a while, Matsurika got up and started packing her things.
    Soon she was heading down the steep mountain path. However before she could reach the bottom there was a large explosion and she fell. On the way down she hit her head and fell unconscious.
    When she came to she examined herself and found she was hurt but not badly.
    Out of pure curiosity Matsurika headed over to the place where the explosion happened.
    She found that where the forest once was there was now a large carter. In the middle of it
    there was the cutest boy she had ever seen. He seem to be knocked out so she leaned over him to see if he was even still alive.
    However when she did he eyes snapped open so quickly that she fell backward. When he sat up and looked at her she saw his eyes was the color of blood.
    Too startled to say anything she just looked at him when he asked her the simple question "who are you?".