• Prolog.

    Breathe… breathe… don’t stop…breathing…

    “Who are you?” I whimper.

    I am your mother silly!

    “Where are you?!” I cry.

    Right behind you.

    “Mother? Where are you now?” I whimper again.

    Heading…same way you are. Away from the people with the cracker things.

    “But…Why can’t I see you?” I bark.

    Because I am behind you.

    “Wouldn’t I feel your presence behind me?” I ask.

    But you do……

    Bang… Bang, bang.

    “Get all of the pups together, we’ve gotta run again.” Our pack leader Kunji said. I opened my eyes, but saw nothing.

    “Kunji, I can’t see a darn thing!” I yelped. My mother had been killed by what the humans call a hunter. I felt some wolf grab my neck, and lift me up. I was being carried to our next destination; a better place…… what would that be?