• As she steped through the creapy and abandonned building. She wonderd if it was such a good idea accepting Lily's dare, it wasn't going to be easy finding any proof that ghosts exsist, even though there where many casualties in the manshion, but she was willing to try. As she passed the great grand father clock for the 3rd time that night, she desided to call it a night and head home. As she was walking towards the door, she began hearing a noise. Or at least she thought she did. It sounded like a little boy crying. She desided to stay a bit longer and find out what that noise was, freaky or not, she was going back to Lily with some proof. As she come to what she thought was where the noise was comeing from, a new noise appeared scareing her out of her witts. It was her cellphone. As she slid it open she heard the voice of her histerical friend, Rachel, who was stressing over where she put her history books. At that moment Angie realised that she had the books and desided to finally call it a night and bring her friend her books. As she closed her phone in front of the door, she noticed that the crying stoped, it was enough motivation for her to deside to leave. On the way to her own home after dropping off her friends books, she was surprised to hear the little boy once again. But the closer she got to her home the closer the noise would get, even though she could hear it behind her but see nothing. So after quickening her pace she arrived home, and hoped that in the morning this would all be just a dream.

    As the warm glow of the morning set into Angie's room tearing her from her sleep, she smelt the sweet smell of her father cooking. So as she ran down and sat herself down on a chair, her mother enterd the room. She eyed Angie suspiciously but sat down soon after, and with a calm almost neutral tone, she said: "so, what where you doing up so late Angie?". She tried scaning her brain for excuses she could use, but to no avail. So she said: "what are you talking about mom? i was here all night." But she knew her mom would have a come back for it. Her father was at the stove cooking up waffles, pancakes, eggs and bacon. Until all of a sudden he stoped, feeling the pressure in the room, and remember sevreal books he had found in storage that she might like, so he spoke um: "Um, Angie, i found a few new books in storage that you might like-" and before he could finish his sentance Angie understood what he was doing and so she anserd him as fast as she could: "good idea dad, i'll defenetly check those out!!!!" And just as fast as she enterd the room, she exited, passing her angry mother on the way out.

    when she got to her storage room, she finally figured out that when her father says "afew" he means "a truck load". As she looked out onto the sea of books, she saw a pille of books with labells that said "dad only". She let her curiosity get the better of her and saw that it was a bunch of stange books titled: "The mysterys of clairvoyance", "white witchcraft" and other starange names. Until a piece of parchement catches her eye, it was tytled: "Paranormal Paralelle Portals".