• "LET ME GO! LET ME GO YOU BIG STUPID HAND!" Chrisy yelled , pounding on the shadowy claw that held her .
    "SOMEONE HLEP ME!" Chrisy shouted , flailing . The shadow went into a huge building . Then , went through a dark blue wall . Chrisy blacked out . When she awoke , she was still being held by the huge , shadowy claw . She looked up into the sky to see nothing but a bluish purple darkenss, that seems to extend forever . There wasnt even a moon in the sky . Just darkness , nothing else . All around her , all she saw was buildings , and all the buildings were a black color , except for one , which they seemed to be entering . Chrisy felt a weird pain as she looked around and saw no people , all there was is these types of shadows . They were all colors , dark blue , purple, and black . They looked like a realy dark hoodie , and they had no insides what so ever . Some leviatated , and some didnt . Chrisy looked in front to see that they were right in front of a building . The claw dragged Chrisy into the building . It was a tall, dark blue , building building that sent a chill down her spine . Chrisy looked around to see nothing but darkness in the building . There was barley enough light to even see her own hand . The claw dragged her into a hallway . It felt like it had been hours that they have been in the hallways . She thought in her head , "Will Mike come to help me? Am i gonna be stucj here forever?" They entered a room with no door at all . Then , the shadow threw Chrisy against the wall . She made a huge groan as she rubbed her head . Then , the shadow disapeared into the building . There was nothing but empyness in the room she was in . Chrisy sat there for what felt like hours . She kept thinking about Mike . And if shell ever see him again . She kept screaming "LET ME OUTTA HERE!" But she knew they wont . Then , a shadowy figured came threw the wall , it was different from the others . It was a red color , and was bigger , and It had bright red evil eyes ,that sent a chill down her spine . It started to speak , as it aproached her . It was a low , raspery voice .
    "My name is Slaine ." It said . "What might be your name pretty little human ?" Chrisy clenched her hand into a fist , and stood up and looked at him .
    "LET ME GO! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? WHAT DID I DO TO YOU!!!?" She yelled in an angry rage . Slaine laughed . It was a low raspery laugh , like a hyena and bear combined .
    "Youll find out soon enough ." Slaine said . He laughed again . The look on Chrisy face told that she was terrified . Chrisy started to cry . Her whole face was drnched with tears .
    "LET ME GO! PLEASE!" She begged as she droped to her knees .
    "Im afraid I cant do that . You just got here , I cant let you leave now . " Slaine said as he made another raspery laugh . He started whispering some words . Fah Jah ............ Gaspar .......... Jah ........ . It was hard to make out the words . Then , all of a sudden , Chrisy started moving . She tried to stop , but she couldnt , she had no control over her body . All of a sudden , a mirror apeared . It had some weird writing on it . Chrisy was getting pushed , into the mirror! Slaine laughed a raspery laugh again .
    "STOP IT! SOMEONE HELP ME!" Chrisy yelled . Slaine watched in amusement as Chrisy's body started entering the mirror . Chrisy yelled , and thought about her younger cousin , Mike , and knew he would come and save her . She had nothing to fear anymore . All of a sudden everything stopped . Slaine's eyes widen . The mirror disapeared . Chrisy dropped on the floor . She had no idea what happened . She was confused .
    "WHAT! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!" Slaine yelled in an angry rage . Chrisy was shocked what slaine did next .........
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Randy , are you sure this is the place ?" I said as I put my sword onto my back , and entered a huge , pale building .
    "Yea , this is the place ." Randy said , carrying The Book Of Blazel . As soon as we entered the building , there was a dark blue wall , just sitting there . There wasnt much in the building . Just a desk , a computer , and a lamp . And it seemed to be that way in every room .
    "Mike , enter the wall ." Randy said to me . I looked at him like he was crazy .
    "Umm , ok , this isnt the weirdest thing ive done today ." I said . I put my hand into the wall , and it went through!
    "Dude ,this is cool." I said in interest .
    "Yea , now hurry , before people see ." He ordered . I pushed my body foward , and entered the wall . Randy put his hand into the wall , and before he can go in all the way he stopped .
    "Wait!" A girl yelled as she gabbed Randy's arm .
    "My name is Sabrina ." The girl said . "Take me with you ."
    To Be Continued ........................................