• "No what are you doing?" I asked. It was 4:00am in the morning and I could hear Eric soft voice. "Wake up Angela." He said. I opened my eyes. I saw Eric so close to me, his gun was pointing directly at me. "No don't shoot!" I cried. I screamed so loud. The neighbors lights all flicked on. "Oh baby come closer." Eric said. I couldn't believe my boyfriend was going to kill me. Eric opened up his legs and got in a gun shooting postion. Then one click of his gun. I screamed so loud. My neighbor Dylan who's 17 my age than rushed into and ran right infront of the me to protect me. He fell down and collapsed. Eric rushed out the door. I could see the blood splattered everywhere.

    "Is he okay? Please say he's okay!" I cried. Dylan was in the hospital. The bullet was in his chest. "He's a lucky man to be alive." The nurse said. I sat right down. "Dylan." I breathed. I never saw Dylan like this. He useally was laughing and having a great time but now I saw him in pain. He was breathing heavily and somtimes stopped breathing and the nurses had to give him oxygen.

    "I'm so sorry my boyfriend hurt you." I was litterly crying. Then I did something I thought I never will I snuggled up close to him. I lied down right next to him and stroked his hair with my fingers. He looked over at me. He looked so awful with the oxgen tube on him. The big mask scared me. It was also scary to see a huge bandage on his chest where the bullet was. There was a bump on the bandage which was the bullet.

    "I have to go." I said. And slowly moved off the bed making sure not to hurt him. He looked so crippled. I began crying. He looked at me. I'm sure he couldn't really talk. It probably hurt to talk. I knew what he would say though if he was going to talk. Don't worry. I'm fine. He'd say. We would all know he isn't though. I'd cry even more though. I left right when he looked away.

    The next day I went straight back. Dylan was suffering even more though. He kept taking very deep scary breaths even with the oxygen mask on. He scared me. Usally all of a sudden you could hear a loud puff that scared me. I lied down next to him again. He pushed a strand of my hair out of my face. I lied my head on his chest right next to the bullet. He put his arms around me. He removed the oxygen mask and kissed the top of my head. He put it back on instantly. He closed his eyes. I closed mine. We didn't even notice the nurses come on.

    "He's a wonderful man mom." I kept on blabbering about Dylan to mom. I was sure she was getting sick and tired of it but I didn't care. I had to tell someone and my friends wouldn't understand. I didn't tell my dad a word though. He'd start freaking out. I made mom promise not to tell dad. "If you don't stop talking about this boy Dylan then I'll tell dad!" Mom threatned. She was not in the mood today. She had a pounding headache. "Okay fine." I mumbled and went to the hospital again.

    When I got to the hospital Dylan stilled looked bad but he managed to smile at me. I got back into the miny bed. I lied my head right where I did last time. I put my arms around him. Dylan looked at me. He took of his oxygen mask and we kissed. I began to start making out with him. put my hand up his shirt. I guess the thing keeping him alive was me breathing into him. "Oh Angela...." He mumbled. I was suprised he talked. I got into the rythem. I moved my hand to his buckle. I was about to unbuckle it when the nurses came in. Dylan put on his oxygen mask and lied back down.

    I didn't speak a word about making out with Dylan to my mom or anyone. It was just between Dylan and me and I didn't really want anyone else finding out.

    The next day came too. This time things got more active. I made out with him twice as long. I fiddled with his buckle until it came undone. I put my hand down his pants. I was afraid that the nurses would come in and we would be in the active mode in front of them. Dylan didn't seem to care. He put his hand up my shirt. If it was awhile ago I would've slapped him but now I enjoyed it and moved in a rythem. Finally I pulled away. "I gotta go." I said. "Bye." I looked dreamily then walked down into my car.

    Of course the next day I went back but when I went back Dylan wasn't there. "Dylan?" I asked the nurse. "He didn't make it." The nurse said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Dylan passed away." The nurse looked at me sadly. "I'm so sorry Angela." The nurse looked away. "He can't be he's alive!" I broke. I knew he wad dead. Just the thought was what killed me.

    I didn't get out of bed the next morning until his funeral. It was so depressing. I saw him in his little coffin. They were able to rip the bullet out of Dylan's chest since Dylan was dead and didn't hurt him or kill him. They gave the bullet to me to remember Dylan. You might've thought gross! The bullet had his blood on it. I didn't care if it was gross or not. I had Dylan and that was all that mattered.