• Raven Seren Death?

    There was more pain then Raven thought there would be. The multiple stab wounds to his chest and stomach, the cuts on his arms and legs, the broken bones that he knew had to be there from his fall... It was strange, the darkness was calling to him. He felt as if his body was pulling away from himself. Sleep. Sleep would take away his pain.

    His thoughts landed on the last woman he had been close to, Lynne. She was quite the beautiful woman and he laughed on the inside. He had the chance to sleep with her, to spend a night with her by his side, but now he wished that it had been at least a little more. There was an attraction there that he had forced himself to push away because it was so soon after Vahn's death. He wondered what it would be like if he had the chance to let it grow, the attraction that is. He had learned over the years that there isn't a "Perfect person" that you are destined to be with, just a person that you're willing to give up everything for and will do the same for you. A person that you could protect... Protect... wasn't there something he had to protect...

    A voice split through the soft silence, ripping at his mind. 'What happened?' The sound was so loud, like nails scraping against the side of his skull. It dragged him harshly back to his body. 'Raven...you have to stay awake...please...' Every word ripped into his silence his peace. It dragged him back to the immense pain that wrapped around him.

    He opened his eyes and saw a worried face that shone with the early sun. She looked worried and for some reason it disturbed him. He couldn't tell who the face belonged to, his mind either couldn't or wouldn't take the energy to make him remember. His vision blurred and he blinked a few times to try and focus his eyes. He attempted to lift his arm to her face, but realized that he couldn't move it. He didn't bother trying the other arm. The bone stuck out through the skin at an unnatural angle.

    Since he couldn't move his body he merely smiled at this glowing woman. Unable to recognize anything about her other than the fact that she looked worried, he took a moment to think of what to say. When he had finished talking he slowly closed his eyes.

    "Why hello... darling... my name is... Raven.... What's yours?"