• Gunners Academy #4 The Black-Jacker

    Last week my sister Sukya entered an odd tournametn called “The Blood Wars” it is only for the Invincible rankers but this blood war was the face of hell…. She was standing there being so…. afraid…. She unleashed her demon form that I have never seen before but it act differently….. it was like It was an angel it was actually like one….. she finally won by unleashing her powers she showed great faith and courage out there and we will always be with her….. but what will happen next?

    Meanwhile outside at the tables

    Yamota: alright! I’ve won again! I guess I got the highest number near 21….

    Kikio: damn it… kk that that’s a draw

    Yamota: that’s 11/11 damn you must be pretty good

    Kikio: trust me when I was in two revolvers academy training school we always do this

    Yamota: well in my world we always play black-jack its pretty easy I always get people confused with my cards

    Kikio: hey whos that girl over there?

    Yamota: she seems pretty lonely…

    Kikio: I see people like that everyday

    Yamota: come on lets go and meet her

    Kikio: what?! Oh come on!

    Yamota: move your a** already

    Yamota and Kikio walked to the lonely girl

    Yamota: hey there how are you going?

    Girl: huh?

    Kikio: you seem pretty lonely mind fi we said with you?

    The girl nodded

    Yamota: don’t talk much huh? Don’t worry when I was in junior highschool I never talked like for one year because of my mothers death but life has to move on
    The girl looked up at her

    Yamota: hey whats your name?

    Girl: Takashi……. Fukio Fuka…..

    Yamota: its great to meet you Fuka-san I see that you have a deck of cards… mind if we play?

    Fuka nodded again and she set up the cards

    Yamota: so we’re playing black-jack huh? seems interesting ok then! When I was in high school they called me the Eagle Eye

    Kikio: wtf? What kind of a lame name is that?

    Yamota: hey shut up! The only reason they called me the Eagle Eye is because I can count numbers with my eyes and brain

    Kikio: “duh” everyone can do that

    Information: How To Play BlackJack in a Simple Way

    Okay peoples lets play BlackJack

    Here are three things of the cards

    One: are +1 (2,3,4,5,6,)

    Two: are 0 (7,8,9,)

    And Three: are -1 (Ace, 10, Jacks, Queens and Kings)

    When you add an +1 everytime you place on the deck it adds up when you place a 0 it still remains as the nubmer that you added up but if it is a minus then it goes down to whatever you added for example if I had +5 and I had Ace on the deck which is a minus then it would go down to +4 if I had 0 and I place a 10 on the deck it would end up as a -1 and each minus you get it will minus down everytime but if you place a plus then it will add up like this

    Minus-3 place 2 on deck (which is +1) = Minus-2

    Now I’ve explained it lets see how badass of the Eagle Eye Yamota is shall we?

    Fuka place the cards down she place a 2 on the deck then a four then an Ace

    ( Two.+1 + Four.+1 = 2 – Ace.Minus1= +1)
    Yamota: +1

    Kikio: sweet you got that right

    This time Fuka place four cards down really fast she place a 9 which is 0 placed a 2 and a 3 then her final was a Jacks

    Yamota: +3

    Kikio: alright 2nd one

    This time Fuka made it even more harder her hand had green flame coming out of her hadn which consumed the card it changed a number to two and the other three

    Yamota: +5

    This time Fuka definitely made it harder she now place the five cards on the deck quick like a leopard

    Yamota: +2

    Kikio: how the hell did you know that?

    Yamota: like I said I’m the Eagle Eye

    Kikio: how uncool is that name

    Yamota: shut up…. Like your better

    Kikio: dude we’ve been fighting each other in poker games and we’re still in a tie

    Yamota: whatever anyways the only reason how I know is that she placed three minus and two zeros

    Kikio: s**t

    Yamota: well guess I’m still in pace

    Fuka: will you answer correctly to my cards?

    Yamota: huh?

    Fuka: I’ll shall change these cards to a number each time you answer them correctly will even go harder and faster

    Yamota: your on

    Fuka activated her green fire from her hand and picked up her card she changed the number Yamota answered +3 then she changed it into two numbers Yamota said plus 3 again then she changed it to three numbers she said +5 then five numbers Yamota was sweating she couldn’t concentrate she said 0 then ten numbers came up Yamota couldn’t concentrate with all these numbers she answered a -4 but she was wrong it was a +5

    Yamota: damn I got it wrong….

    Kikio: well look who plucked its wings now chicken bird

    Yamota: well that was some good match Fuka-san…. Hey how about meeting some of my friends they’ll be gladly to meet you

    Fuka: no…. not interested….. you msut be really careless of yourself getting that nubmer wrong…..

    Yamota: augh what?

    Fuka: nevermind that….. I’m not use to losers like you

    Yamota: hey I was trying to be nice to you! And this is what I get from a pain blackjacker!

    Fuka: see… yoru anger came out from me…. Do you know why I am alone with Fuka?

    Yamota: huh? what?

    Fuka: you see there are two main reasons why I’m alone with my other self…. One is that I am no rank class…. Two they always think I’m always cheating with my very own powers…. And three they always don’t think I’m playing fair on others and treating them well…. They always tease the other self of me…. That is why I said alone protecting Fuka

    Yamota: you mean theres two of you and one body?

    Fuka: yes that’s right…… please I should be going now….. I have enough of this play time with you people

    Kikio: dude did you know you just got told back there

    Yamota: shut up

    Meanwhile at the toilets

    Fuka: ah! Damn how careless of me…. I shouldn’t be playing around like this… she was able to keep up with me….. I should return to the other Fuka

    Fuka turned to the other self

    Fuka: oh… thank you Fuka-san now augh… oh no I’m late for class! Ahh!

    Fuka’s appearance’s are short green headed, green eyes, the Gunners Academy uniform, white gloves which has a gunners symbol on it a tattoo on her arm which is a three cards of blackjacks which has a Ace in the middle and two cards on both sides on Fuka’s right arm

    Five minutes later

    Student: hey there you little squirt…. Wheres our payment?

    Fuka: payment? Oh yeah… the payment well augh… I didn’t had time to raise up the money and….

    2nd Student: you know what this means….

    3rd Student: this is going to be the consequences…. Prepare to be tortured

    Student: don’t worry… this will only hurt a bit…

    Fuka: no…no…..

    The three students beat her up with bats and fists and kicking her on the ground she felt a lot of pain around her body and her skull

    Student: alright… the final torture…..

    The student got out his bat and brutally batted her head Fuka’s skull was cracked and falled down with blood flowing on the floor

    Student: alright…. That’s about it guys lets go…. Lets give her five more days to get her to give us the money

    2nd Student: yeah… then if she doesn’t then we’ll have lots of fun to torture her

    3rd Student: hehehe… yeah

    The three boys laughed evily while leaving Fuka on the ground

    Fuka: mother……

    Fuka closes her eyes and thinked of home and her mother
    Six minutes later after class the students were shocked at the hall while looking at Fuka’s body

    Yamota: hey whats going on?

    Hakuru: someone beaten up a sixteen year old girl at the hall… serveral of her ribs were brutally tortured and broken and her skull was cracked a lot of blood was wasted on the ground

    Yamota: what?! Hey get out of the way! Fuka! Fuka!

    The students cleared the path and Yamota ran through, Yamota saw Fuka’s body laying on the floor while Yamota kneeled down

    Yamota: Fuka! Fuka! Come on stay with me damn it! Come on you can’t just die! Come on!

    Fuka: Yamota….. ahh…. i can see my home…. My mother and i…. living peacefully… ahh…..

    Yamota: crap! Someone get a doctor! Augh screw it! Better carry her to the infirmary!

    Yamota grabs Fuka on her back and ran to the infirmary

    15 minutes later in the infirmary

    Fuka: augh…… Yamota….?

    Doctor: oh Yamota is asleep he was here with you for the whole time… hehe… I guess she really cares for you really…

    Fuka: Yamota… how long was I asleep?

    Doctor: just for 15 minutes we were able to fix your skull and your ribs and your whoel body you’ll be able to recover in no time…. Well… its going to take a while though

    Fuka: oh I see…..

    Yamota: awww….. morning already….?

    Fuka: hehe…. Well its good afternoon to you

    Yamota: ah… Fuka-san… your awake…. *yawns* so how is she doc?

    Doctor: shes going to be fine don’t worry
    Yamota: oh thank the goddess to that!

    Fuka: I feel ashamed of myself….

    Yamota: what why? Theres nothing to be ashamed of Fuka I think its those students whoever they are to be ashamed of

    Fuka: no I meant that….is…. that I didn’t payed back the money

    Yamota: money? What money?

    Fuka: no don’t worry it’s a long story and I really don’t feel like to tell about it

    Yamota: Fuka…. If you can’t tell me the story of yours how am I suppsoe to help? Don’t be afraid Fuka I’m here with you don’t worry

    Fuka: ok….. well five years ago when I was eleven years old…. My dad was an ace blackjack player he never cheats he never bluffs….. he played his own ways and by the rules… he had luck on his side…. He even wins a lot of money he saves up the money for mother and me….. my father was also a Gunner he was also a non-ranker so he was just a Gunner with no rank but plays poker but mother and I didn’t mind as long as he didn’t lose….. but then someone killed him after my father won the grand opening match of BlackJack….. a funeral was held with all his friends and me and my mother….. we creid on his coffin then a few weeks later a man in some mob organization family came in and force my mother to marry him we couldn’t do anything…. when my mother married him he made me work… and made my mother be like a dog to him I had to make the food clean his clothes and other htings…. Then he tortured my mother and raped her and also… beaten my mother up…. I couldn’t do a thing but watch…. He tooked all the money away that my father saved up for us….. but me and my mother was finally free but my mother Is in a coma for a year and her legs are broken because of him she can’t walk now…… and yet I am the one who is to blame

    Yamota: Fuka…. Your not the one to blame…

    Fuka: yes it is! I am the one who is to blame Yamota! i watched her being beat up by some man who stole everything from us!

    Yamota: I know how you feel Fuka… I’m sorry…. Look when I find this man I swore that I will return the money back from him to you

    Fuka: you… you really mean it?

    Yamota: yeah…. I mean it don’t worry but no promises hehe

    Fuka: well I geuss you can’t keep a promise then….

    The two laughed a bit and talked about there lives while the doctor spied on them with a camera

    Man: so Gunners Academy huh? never expect that the girl would be in the school…. I remember my first Gunners academy… it was quite different heheh….

    The three students came in

    Man: well?

    Student: we beat her up as you promised boss

    2nd Student: yep she couldn’t do a thing….

    3rd Student: yeah you were right she was useless! Haha!

    Man: good…. Here is your payment…

    Student: yeah cool thanks boss! Lets go boys

    Man: *kids….. they really don’t understand how to use powers….*

    Meanwhile at the infirmary

    Yamota: so one time I was at the engineering bay at the car shops and man you should of seen Hakuru! He had to fixed a fat guys tire he couldn’t fixed it because he had to lift him up!

    Fuka: hahah! Wow you make me laugh a lot these days

    Yamota: well its been a long time since I talked about memories….

    Fuka: hey isn’t Hakuru suppose to be a girl?

    Yamota: yeah well.... two years ago we were in China training together in some strange spring then suddenly we falled into it and we turned into girls….

    Fuka: oh I see

    Yamota: hey Fuka….. have this

    Fuka: huh?

    Yamota gives Fuka her hat cowboy hat

    Fuka: whats this?

    Yamota: its my fathers and mothers cowboy hat….. my mom and dad made that hat together it’s a 19th century hat its pretty old but it still feels comfortable on my head go on try it on Fuka

    Fuka puts the hat on

    Yamota: wow! You look like a real cow-girl now!

    Fuka: haha… you really thinks so?

    Yamota: oh yeah sure you do I mean the green hair the green eyes matchs with the hat trust me you look awsome

    Fuka: thanks Yamota

    Yamota: no problem oh son of a shoot! I have to help the staff library! Well its nice knowing ya Fuka! Don’t worry! I’ll be back I promise!

    Fuka: ok! And I thought he never keeps promises hehe….

    Meanwhile at the library staff

    Yamota: crap! Hey guys sorry I’m late

    Hakuru: where were you?

    Yamota: well…. I was talking to a nice girl who is actually a friend

    Sukya: well good on you Yamota how about….. GET YOUR FREAKING a** MOVING AND HELP GODDAMN IT!

    Yamota: son of a bi-!

    Librarian: shhh!

    Yamota: sorry….. anyways alright already I’l lget my a** moving

    Hakuru: so Yamota hows that girl name Fuka-san going?

    Yamota: oh great! We talked about our lives and all I kinda feel sorry for her… her mothers in a coma her dad got assinated by some assholes

    Hakuru: that is kinda sad Yamota…. I mean that is like a pretty young age to get her parents ending like that

    Yamot: yeah…… but trust me dude I think hers was a lot worster than yours

    Hakuru: shut up Yamota you know I hate talking about things like that about my past few memories nine years ago

    Yamota: woops sorry dude

    Hakuru: anyways I heard there are some groups of three boys stealing money off the weak

    Yamota: three dudes?

    Hakuru: yeah a lot of rumours are going around in the academy school Principle.Motosuwa is trying to work the problem out people are too afraid to give evidence because they might come back again and bash whoever told there identity out

    Yamota: that’s crazy man!

    Hakuru: I know….. Hinkyo can’t sense there presents around here….. somethings not right…..

    Yamota: could they be from Dark Gunners Academy?

    Hakuru: no…. they can’t get through our barrier line besides that place is off limits I mean we can’t get through their barrier

    Yamota: so I guess that they’re part of our academy huh?

    Hakuru: yes that’s right

    Yamota: wait…..somethings not right….

    Hakuru: what is it?

    Yamota: no…. crap I gotta get back to the infirmary!

    Hakuru: hey wait! Augh…. Son of a bi-

    Meanwhile at the infirmary

    Student: rocka by baby….. falling down the tree….. saddening with tears at the clifs of hell…..

    2nd Student: with her body… tortured by us…

    3rd Student: and can never…. Walk again! Hahah!

    Fuka: please stop! I beg of you please stop!
    Man: hello Fukio Fuka….

    Fuka: *that man….*

    Man: yes its me… the one who stole all of your fathers money from you….

    Fuka: please what do you want?!

    Man: oh well lets see…. I intend to sue you as a slave…. Or pretty much just kill you and kill your mother who is in a coma for a year….

    Fuka: please you can just kill me but not my mother! Please just spare my mother and leave her alone!

    Man: yoru words don’t mean anything to me….. now prepare to die….

    Yamota: howdy do s**t holes!

    Yamota kicked the man in the head when the man grabbed her leg he through Yamota but Yamota flipped and landed back on the floor

    Man: who are you? State your name!

    Yamota: the names Yamota Yamaha! And I’m here to kick your a**!

    Man: boys…. Please teach this girl a lesson….

    Student: dear god… its Yamota! the one who made a tie to Kikio!

    2nd Student: lets just go and kill her!

    3rd Student: yoru gonna die!

    Yamota: lets bring it…

    Yamota grabs the Students arm and broked his arm and his bone cracked through his skin then she kicked the 2nd students knee and his knee bended backwards then the final student she walked up the student while he was in fear Yamota goes up to him and poked him in the eye

    Student: ahhhh! MY ARM!

    2nd Student: OW!!!!

    3rd Student: my eyes! Augh god! My eyes!

    Yamota: your next old man!
    Man: old man? So you passed three of my boys…..Mina!

    Mina comes out with her BlackJack uniform on and her hand comes out with a purple flame with a card

    Yamota: huh? a blackjack player?

    Mina through her card at Yamota and Yamtoa slams straight to the wall

    Yamota: AH! Damn…..

    Motosuwa: stop! You….. James Taylor….. stop this meaningless plan yoru trying to do and leave my students alone

    James: ahh… Motosuwa… my good old friend… remember we were pals in Gunners Academy?

    Motosuwa: we were not pals James….. I was only trying to keep my head down and stay out of your business

    James: what?! Stay out of my business! What about that girl huh? I was about to kill that girl that you loved….

    Motosuwa: James…. That was a long time ago…. Please leave my students alone and go back to where you came from

    James: pathetic….. Motosuwa! I challenge Fukio Fuka in the Gunners Arena Match!

    Yamota: what!

    Motosuwa: I’m afraid not James….. it is only Gunner Academy Students who are only to attend not you James you are a bit too old to be in the tournament match

    James: who gives! What? Are you chicken to let me in?!

    Motosuwa: no… I am just following to the rules of Gunners Arena James….. besides Fuka is in bad condition her injuries are in worst shape she needs time to recover

    James: I don’t care! Don’t make me kill her right now Motosuwa!

    Yamota: why you son of a!

    Motosuwa: Yamota stop! Fine….. I will allow you to challenge her….

    Yamota: nani?! Principle you just can’t let this guy….

    Motosuwa: I know Yamota… I know… but I have no choice… if he kills her now this could end up a bad thing for Fuka’s mothre until she is awakened from her Coma

    Yamota: damn it….. but isn’t Fuka a non-ranker?

    Motosuwa: yes I know….. but this is the first time I’ve broked the laws of Gunners Arena……

    Yamota: I can’t believe this…..

    James: very good then we’ll start by tomorrow…. Oh yeah if she wins I’ll leave your students alone and this Academy if I win I get to have this school and make the girls work! And make the boys be the minions!

    Yamota: *sigh* you’ll never win… Fuka can kick your a** any time… even in BlackJack… besides how about we change of plan in the losses… if you lose you give back Fuka and her mother all the money that you stole from them! And also leave our school alone and the others

    James: alright then deal…..

    They left with a smirk on his face

    Yamota: damn that b*****d are you raelly sure about this Principle.Motosuwa?

    Motosuwa: I don’t know…. Yamota… please I leave your responsibilty onto Fuka’s hands……

    Yamota: yes sir I understand….

    Meanwhile in the training room

    Fuka: ahh…

    Yamota: look I know it hurts… but you need to fight it…. Don’t worry I won’t make you go hard on this training….

    Fuka: right…

    Yamota: alright Fuka heres my revolver…… now I want you to aim that gun right in my face

    Fuka: wait doesn’t this has real bullets in it?

    Yamota: no they’re rubber bullets anyways aim that right in my face

    Fuka: oh well okay…
    Yamota: now I want you to pull the triger

    Fuka: what?! But it will painfully hurt you!

    Ymota: don’t worry Fuka you have to be strong just shoot!

    Fuka: ah….*pulls triger*

    The rubber bullet went straight through Yamota while Yamota dodges it with full speed and grabbed Fuka’s hand and stands closely to Fuka

    Fuka: wha…what the?

    Yamota: see it wasn’t that bad….

    Yamota god the bullets out of the revolver and pointed the gun right at Fuka’s face

    Yamota: now Fuka I want you to do the same thing I did you can do it differently if you want to now try and pretend that I have real live bullets in this gun now when I pull the triger I want you to quickly dodge it and come straight through my face

    Fuka: umm okay…

    Yamota: now… one…. Two…. three…

    Fuka: oh no!

    Fuka closed her eyes while Yamota pulled the triger

    Yamota: see….. you got to face your fears Fuka

    Fuka: I’m trying but…. its way too hard….

    Yamota: okay Fuka who is always there for you

    Fuka: well… my mother and father I guess…

    Yamota: okay…. Then imagine that they’re right here besides you at your very each side…. Now think of someone that you who you really hate… and create that person into someone who you are not afraid of….

    Fuka: well… I’ll try…

    Yamota: okay ready… one….two…

    Mother/Father: Fuka…..

    James: your nothing! Your nothing but a little deep little squirt!

    Fuka: I am not a little suirt…. You’ll pay for what you did to my father and mother!

    Fuka slammed straight through Yamota on the ground while Fuka tried to clam down her anger

    Yamota: Fuka….

    Fuka: “huff” “huff” did i….?

    Yamota: yeah you did… great job Fuka! ^^

    Fuka: I did it… I never felt that way before…

    Yamota: trust me if you want to let yoru anger out… save it in the arena cause that’s where the fun really gets….. now get going you have a big day today

    Meanwhile the next day at the Gunners Arena tournament

    Yamota: hey Fuka!

    Fuka: oh yes?

    Yamota: we wanted to say good luck Fuka

    Fuka: oh really? Thank you Yamota and who are they?

    Yamota: these are my friends here is Hakuru Sakura, Sukya Sakura, Kanomi Fukiyama and Yukina Suzuku

    Hakuru: how do you do?

    Fuka: oh quite fine thank you

    Hakuru: Yamota talked to us about you, good luck on your match and don’t let that man defeat you…. Never show mercy in a fight if you do then theres nothing you could do…..

    Yamota: well anyways heres this that we made for you

    Fuka: huh?

    Yamota: it’s a card which is actually a neckless one

    Fuka: oh wow thank you!

    Yamota: thank Yukina for that shes the specialist

    Fuka: wow thank you Yukina-kun!

    Yukina: it was my pleasure! Now kick that guys a** don’t make him show you like your some wimp make him feel like a little piece of dog s**t

    Yamota: haha lol yeah go out there and give everything you got!

    Fuka: right!

    Meanwhile in the arena

    Motosuwa: to all Gunner Academy students! Now you do all know that thisi s a bit odd but a man name James Taylor an mob organization leader is here to participate of the Gunners Arena Match! and by all means… you may not like this… but if he wins it means that I have to leave and he will be taking over the school….

    Girl student: what?! How is that possible?!

    Hakuru: what the? Take over the school? Why?

    Yamota: it’s a long story I was there when I was trying to beat the crap out of him

    James: why thank you Motosuwa for introducing me to the whole school….

    Motosuwa: James…. Your soul cannot be forgiven by your sins….

    James: like hell exists

    Motosuwa: you leaned nothing James… your still a sin of your own kind

    James: I don’t care I’m gonna play with this dolly for a while… hehe…

    Motosuwa: and even so there is an Non-Ranker! Name Fukio Fuka! Who was in an injury incident from the hall you’ve all seen today! But we msut cheer on for her! And may the goddess watch over her!

    Students: dear god shes gonna just be in worst shape…. Shes not gonna win shes just gonna die anyway….

    Fuka: there are people who still hates me….. but I’m not going to give up! I’m going to fight! No matter what I’m going to fight for my friends…… and even so…. my father and my mother! Please mother and father…. Watch over me by the goddess’s will….

    To be continued…..
    Will Fuka be tortured by the man name James Taylor and take over the school? Or will Fuka defeat James and bring the Gunners Academy safe from the mans power…. Next issue on Gunners Academy: #5 Brokened Soul…..