• *Rosalie* I woke up late that day. I looked to my nightstand. I thought maybe it was all just a weird dream, that I'd be waking up in my crappy studio with a hang over, but no...I was there. I stared at the clock reading 12:00PM. I slapped my hand against my forehead, rubbing my face. I did not want to get up. I wasn't hung over, or anything like that. I just didn't feel like waking up. Was that bad? I had a weird few nights behind me, I could at least rest a little. Right? Bethnea said they were doing tests today, that I didn't need to worry. What the heck, I'll get up. I pushed the covers off of myself and stumbled out of bed. Where were the bathrooms? I began to walk to my door when it opened. That girl from last night was there. She was beaming. "I just wanted to let you know, the bathroom is down the hall. We all share it, it's kind of like a communal. If you are hungry just go down to the kitchen and make yourself something."
    "Uh...huh..." I then yawned. "Didn't you have a test?"
    "Oh, I finished." She smiled. "I usually finish before everyone else, so I get off early. Grandma asked me to help you out today, to get to know the house better."
    This is what I was dreading.

    I bathed and got myself ready. There really wasn't much to do with my hair since it was short. It sort of styled it self. All I had to do was brush it. Putting on my make up, the girl sat down on my bed, watching me. It was kind of weird. I wasn't use to being watched so closely, I wasn't use to being with people in general. I put down my eyeliner and lip gloss and turned around. "So...what do we do now?" The girl stood up, giggling. "Well, introductions would be in mind." She walked over to me and put out her hand. "My name is Sarah." She smiled.
    I took her hand and nodded, shaking it. "Nice to meet you."
    We walked around the house. She showed me the different rooms.

    "This is the main entrance." I nodded. I already knew that. The front door was there, so why wouldn't it be the main entrance?

    "The kitchen. We really don't have a cook. You'd think we would eat in the dining room. but half the time we eat in here." She smiled at me. "The dining room is more of a conference room." As she said that, we left the kitchen and went in the direction of the dining room. I have already seen the room before, but I didn't take time to admire it.

    "Yeah, the head chair over there is grandma's. We don't have signed seats or anything." She laughed. "But Bethnea sits up front."

    We walked into a room with many books, and she told me it was the library. Through a door we ended up outside. The landscape was beautiful. She pointed to a green house. "That is were we grow some of our herbs for potions and stuff." She grinned. "That's mainly Morgan's department."
    "Who?" I tilted my head. "You'll meet her soon." She then turned to a building. "This is were we study. There isn't much more to show you. We don't go down to town very often. Grandma Bethnea has told us not too." She shrugged. "Don't know why though."
    Maybe because you were all weird and into witch craft?

    *Dagger* I don't know why I let Sashi convince me to stay. Maybe it was all in my head. I haven't seen a witch like that in fifty nine years. I lounged about on my couch in my room. I enjoyed solitude. Sashi Always tried to get into my business. Perhaps because she fancied me. I had no attraction to her. She wasn't my type, and she was young in vampire years. I didn't like thinking highly of myself, but I was probably the strongest vampire in these parts, not to mention the oldest.

    It has been so many years since I actually hunted someone down. I stood up and stretched, limbering myself up. We weren't allowed to hunt anymore. In fact, we had to find those near death and drink their blood. It was upsetting at first, but after the first hundred years I got over it. Lucian had been by my side for a long while. Longer than Sashi. Sashi didn't come into the picture till Lucian found her in the woods, crying herself to her death. He made a deal with her, to change her if she stayed with us. I didn't care. Two was a couple, three was a crowd. But I didn't care. I don't even now. I strolled over to my bed, removing the covers and climbing in. Vampire's didn't need sleep, but we did sleep. We didn't dream, but remembered.

    As I laid there awake, I could hear the memories in my head. I didn't like my past. Trust issues...I still had them. It comes with being an unwilling child of the night. A cold one-a demon.

    *Sashi* "He is brooding." I crossed my arms. Lucian lazily watched TV. How he could enjoy the garbage that brain washed humans? I didn't know. "I should check on him."
    "No." Lucian snapped at me. I turned on my heel, tilting my head, lips pursed. "Who are you to stop me?"
    "Your creator." He smirked, looking at me from over his shoulder. I hated when he used that little fact on me.

    "You are such an immature jerk sometimes." I complained. He just sighed with a roll of his eyes. This was a normal day in our home. We have lived here for many years. We never made friends with the humans, and barely showed our faces in public, that way people from twenty years ago didn't recognized us and questioned why we looked the same as we did then. The TV was giving a vampire movie. I laughed. "Sunlight, stakes, garlic. What creative minds."
    "You do know that our true ancestors could not live in sunlight, Sash." Lucian looked at me. "Way back in the day, B.C. Our first kind, the Kurag could not live in the sunlight, and water burned their skin."
    "How did they shower?" I asked, meaning to sound stupid. I knew that vampires didn't perspire, and we never smelled bad to the humans. We had our own scent though. That is how we know ourselves from the enemies.

    Lucian stared dully into the TV. "Dagger is from that line." He whispered.
    I gasped. "Really? I thought we were from-"
    "He formed that clan, Sashi." He was talking softly. Dagger had extremely well hearing. "His creator was one of the first fledglings. We were put on this earth by our creator. I have no idea who that was. but, anyways. We weren't allowed to change humans into vampires...but Kagan..." He trailed off.

    "Who was Kagan?" I asked. Lucian took a deep breath. "He was one of the firsts. He fell in love with an Egyptian slave. He changed her to become his queen, tainting the blood. That's why we can go into the sun and sustain water." He smiled, but then it vanished. "Kagan's wife had a child. That child is...well..." His eyes shifted up, staring at the ceiling. I gasped. "Oh, wow..." Lucian nodded. "But you can't talk about it, okay? Block it. He doesn't want anyone to know about it..."
    "But, how did more of us become?"
    "You shouldn't know, Sashi." He stood up. "W-why? I want to know!" I exclaimed. He quickly shushed me. "You'll find out in moments time. But listen closely." He came closer to me. "What I said, I didn't mean that Dagger was the child. No...but he was the first from the tainted blood to be changed, and the first to cause even more hell on this earth."