• Tyler Wood's Journal Entry #5
    March 13, 2010

    tab Right then, it could'be been the end. It should've been the end.
    tab This wasn't a small fight in school. If I were to get punished, it would be through expellsion. I later learned Jacob was not just in pain, he was in serious pain. Like, need-to-go-to-the-hospital serious pain. His skull had been fractured, significantly. There would be no other reason for him to wail all the way into the ambulance, seeing the kind of guy he was.
    tab I certainly would've got it, and I was planning on that, until I was bailed out.
    tab It was the second day of school, and I was being sent to the principle's office for the second time. I could already imagine his red, piping face shouting at me
    tab So it didn't exactly surprise me when he did.
    tab "You think you can just walk into my school and pretend you own the place? No! You can't!" It was pretty much just a monologue. He asked the questions. He answered them, and so forth. It was pretty much all just a 15 minute lead up to the words "you're expelled".
    tab I was saved, though. Saved by the only person who could've saved me.
    tab I was saved by Stacy herself.
    tab I wasn't about to tell the principle the motive behind what I did. When he asked me over and over again why I did it, I'd just sit there, and whisper,
    tab "I don't know...I don't know...I don't know..." I figured I had done enough, and that even if I told him, he wouldn't believe me.
    tab Things seemed...not so good as the conversation with the principle, or more so, the principle's conversation with himself, droned on, and I was thinking to myself that if I wasn't expelled after this, than this would sure as heck be just as good of a punishment.
    tab This is when Stacy comes in, unexpectedly, surprisingly, and rather abruptly.
    tab The door swung open.
    tab Both the principle's head and mine quickly altered direction simutaneously towards, well...
    tab Stacy.
    tab I don't believe I've given a thorough discription of Stacy, but it was very clear the moment you looked at her: She looked absolutely amazing. Soft, blonde hair was neatly combed down, sitting on her shoulder, which was much broader than most girl's shoulders. A fit body, and two large inward curves at her hips. She looked, in fact, fit enough to join the boy's wrestling team, though let's try not to think such thoughts.
    tab But at that moment, she looked nothing like the amazing Stacy. Her hair was in a mess; frizzed about and full of bits of dirt. Her shirt was wrinkled, her face looked tired and disheveled, her eyes drooping with a certain sign of droziness.
    tab "Stacy?" was the first thing that came out of the principle's mouth, in an almost surprised voice. Maybe it was the look on Stacy's face. Heck, it definitely was that all-serious look that was very apparant on Stacy's face. Then, after clearing his throat and regaining his composure, he asks in his proper, principle voice (pretty much the opposite of how he was talking to me),
    tab "Did you need something, Stacy?" Stacy nodded slowly, and just as slowly began,
    tab "Yeah. Tyler shouldn't be here." Even I was surprised those blunt, straight to the point words. Bold words. But absolutely no complaints from me.
    tab "Well..." he looked down for a moment, and bit his lip. I could tell he-the principle, no less!-had a tough time having a conversationg with this girl, while still staying in authority. "Maybe you haven't heard, but there was just a boy who was seriously injured from this...boy." He said that last word, boy, almost as if I really wasn't one; as if I was something less, like a repulsive bug.
    tab "Yeah but..." she started, and I could tell she was losing her streak of confidence. I mean, what was he going to say to the prinicple? That her would-be-boyfriend nearly raped her in the bathroom? That's not even a joke; that's just sick.
    tab So, it didn't come to any shock that she kind of half told the truth,
    tab "Tyler...protected me." True, but, well, not very specific. What a clever use of half-truth-telling. "Otherwise, I would've been in a lot worse of a state than Jacob there." What was she playing? Since when did anyone in the school care what the heck ever happened to me? Was there something I was missing here?
    tab "Tyler, is that true?" I guess I was still in shock from this sudden helping hand, but once he repeated the question, I hesitantly nodded.
    tab "You can go now, Tyler," he said finally, after much thought. "I'll discuss this further with Jacob himself." I smiled, and then quickly added before waltzing out the door,
    tab "Thank you, sir." Not exactly an original ending, but hey, that was me.
    tab After walking out of that room, I whispered over to Stacy,
    tab "Thanks for bailing me out." She laughed quietly to herself, and replied,
    tab "You thanking me? I should be the on thanking you. I mean, if you didn't come in when you did..." She stopped, for, of course, the obvious reason. The...event that happened in the bathroom wasn't exactly something to lightly talk about in a conversation.
    tab I thought about asking her about her relationship with Jacob, but quickly concluded that was just too much to throw at her at once, and the day proceded, neither of us saying another word about what happened.
    tab I was hoping for relief, but found that, when you're someone like me, that was just hoping for too much.