• My name is not important, but you may call me Nezumi. But right now, I am no mouse. I want to tell you of my . . . 'story' of the deaths that had happened in my little home town. I am sixteen years old, and I am a junior at my high school. I am not smarter, or stronger, or faster, or anything more special in that way than anyone else at my school. Only one thing makes me more different than anyone else. I have found a Deathnote in my own backyard. And i had used it.

    The day was cold and snow had covered the ground. It was a saturday or a friday, i don't remember the exact day. My lil brother was on the computer and he had found one the of the few people that hated. My brother talked to her and called me in, to ask if i had knew her. I did. He had asked if she was on of the people that were picking on me and giving me crap. She said yes. She had admitted it to my brother.

    She had not called me weird. That I know I am. If she had called me weird instead what she did call me, I 'm sure I would had hugged her. She had called me a freak. Then she went and said that my little brother was a freak like his sister.

    My hatred for her had reawakened in that moment.

    How dare she call us a freak? How DARE she call me a freak?! She, who had dressed up as a banana for halloween day of homecoming week? Let me tell you, I am no freak. I am waiting for her to start something with me in my face. For if she think's I'm a freak, I'll show her what a real freak is!

    That night I cried in my bed. From anger, frustration, and dissapointment; in her, but mainly in myself. How could I let someone vile and . . . discusting as her cause such an effect on me? I cried from the anger of letting my old anger and hatred dinimish from time. I had even begun to tolerate her. I even smiled at her, just to be polite! How could I allow such-?! My anger and hatred is even more so now.

    The next day, on a Sunday, or Saturday, i don't remember which. I had went outside. The snow glared from the sunlight. I don't remember why I went outside. I usually stay indoors, expecially when it was bright out. I had gone into my backyard which was mainly a slab of concrete that seemed to have sunken into the ground. I shuffled my snowboots through the snow and made my way to the picnic table. I brushed fresh snow off of the seat and sat down. In seconds the iciness of the wood made me go numb. I had just layed my head in my hands when I heard a thud.

    I looked up and saw a black square in the snow infront of me that wasn't there. I got up and picked it up. It was a black notebook with the words Deathnote scrawlled on the cover in white. I opened the cover and read the first line of white words written on black paper.

    "Death Note

    How to Use It


    The human whose name is written in the note shall die."

    I looked at the words i surprise. I reread the line twice to make sure I had read it right, and I did. I went inside because my fingers were going numb. I kicked off the snowboots and threw my winter coats and such into the corner of my bedroom. I turned on my light because I had forgot to turn it on and closed my bedroom door. I sat down on my bed; and began to read.
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