• The last bell rang and school was over.
    I ran out of the class room and tried to get out before anyone of my friends, or Mister Ishi, caught me.
    "Sayomi!" Called a deep voice.
    I jumped and spun around.
    My friend smiled at me. "Hey, Sayomi." He waved.
    I smiled, well tried to, and waved back. "Hey."
    He started to walk with me to the front exit of the school. "So how was your talk with the teacher?"
    I shrugged. "It was okay, I guess. We just talked about my grades." I lie feeling my face get red.
    He laughed, putting his arm around my shoulders and wrubbed his fist against my head hard. "Are you failing a class, Sayomi? And here I thought you were the smart one."
    I pushed him away and smiled. "Shut up. I am the smartest one of all you guys."
    He grinned. "So what are you saying?"
    I laughed. "I'm saying your all dumb shi..." I couldnt finish. The moment I looked away from my friend I saw someone firmiliar standing near the entrance of the exit, his eyes on me like darts. I stopped walking and blinked at him.
    My friend turned to me, confused. "Sayomi? Are you okay?"
    I looked at him and swallowed. "Yeah. Everything's fine. Can we go to my locker for a second? I think I forgot something." I say grabbing his sleeve and leading him away.
    "Eh? But what about your bus? You're going to miss it." He says not pulling away, or making a fuss.
    I nodded. "Yeah. It's okay. Can you drive me home?"
    He nodded and smiled. "Yeah, sure. Of course."
    "Thanks." I say sighing in relief.

    We get to my locker and I put my hand on my heart, trying to calm myself down.
    My friend looked at me concerned. "Are you alright? Is something going on?"
    I nodded and smiled, trying to reasure him. "No. Nothing's going on. I just needed to grab something." I lie leaning down and trying to open my locker.
    He sighed. "Fine. I wont ask anymore questions... Except one."
    I looked up at him as I opened my locker door. "Hm?"
    "Is there someone bullying you?" He says raising an eyebrow.
    "Besides you?" I smile.
    He rolled his eyes and sighed.
    I laughed. "I'm just joking. And, no. There is no one bullying me. Why?"
    He shrugged. "I dont know... You just seemed like you were running away from someone."
    I blushed and shook my head, looking away from him and into my locker. "Of course not." I lie.
    He smiled. "I know. You would never run away from anything or anyone. You're too ballsy."
    I nodded and smiled, tried to anyway... "You think so?"
    He nodded and gave me a thumbs up. "Of course. When we were in middle school I remember when you took on three guys at once. You didnt win, but you didnt back done either."
    I smirked, for real and shrugged. "I guess so."
    He hit the back of my head. "Come on. Addmit it. You are pretty hard a**."
    I wrubbed over my head and glared at him. "Dont hit me." I whined.
    He smiled. "Say it."
    I sighed. "I'm hard a**..."
    He chuckled. "There. That wasnt so bad, now was it?"
    I laughed and grabbed a random over due book and shuved it in my back pack. "I guess not."

    We walked to the entrance.
    He had been talking about how much our other friend talks about girls too much and how he wishes he could teach him lesson by popping him one.
    I laughed and nodded. "I think everyone wishes they could do that to him."
    He grinned and held the door open for me.
    I walked out and felt myself suddenly feel small water driplets falling on me. I looked ahead and saw that the storm had started.
    My friend sighed. "I hate the rain."
    I smiled. "I think it's okay."
    The odd smell of smoke made me look around.
    "Do you smell that?" I ask still looking around.
    He sniffed the air and nodded. "Yeah... Is that cigeratte smoke or something?"
    I nodded and noticed a dark shadow that seemed to be breathing smoke in the corner of the school, his body drenched in rain water, his eyes on me. I swallowed.
    Oh crap...
    My body felt really stiff suddenly and I wanted to go back inside and pretend I had never seen him there before. But it wasnt that easy.
    "Isnt that Mister Ishi, the math teacher?" My friend asks tilting his head.
    I nodded and felt my stomach flip at the mention of his name. "Yeah..."
    The shadow tossed away a dead cigeratte and started to head closer to us.
    I jumped and took a step back. "Uh... Maybe we should wait inside till the rain slows..." I say trying to get away.
    Why was I avoiding him so much? The question echoed in my head.
    My friend looked down at me in confusion. "What? Why?" He looked back at Mister Ishi and narrowed his eyes. "Whats going on?"
    I shook my head and swallowed. "Nothing."
    "Sayomi!" Samson's voice boomed.
    I jumped and sank down. "Nothing that involves you."
    My friend blinked in confusion.
    A cold radiation came from behind me.
    I shivered and turned around slowly. "Yes, Mister Ishi?"
    He growled and crossed his arms over his chest.
    I swallowed and looked up at Samson.
    He narrowed his eyes.
    My friend wrinkled his brow. "Is there something wrong, sir?"
    Mister Ishi didnt take his eyes off of me. "No. Leave. Go home. I'm giving Sayomi a ride home." He orders with the harshest and coldest tone in his voice.
    My friend sighed and nodded. "Fine. Bye, Sayomi-sama." He says waving and walking away.
    I jumped and looked at him pleadingly. "Eh...! Yeah..."
    My friend only called me Sayomi-sama when he was worried about me.
    When he had gone a good distance Mister Ishi grabbed my hand suddenly and started to lead my away somewhere.
    I jumped and tried to pull my hand away. "Oi! What do you think you're doing!?" I say.
    He didnt answer. He just led me to the schools parking lot.
    My friend was pulling out with his car and waved with a wire smile on his face.
    I waved back with my free hand and tried to smile reassuringly, but only made it worse.
    Mister Ishi took out a set of keys and aimed it at his car, turning it on and unlocking the doors.
    I gave one last try to get away, but failed in the end.
    He opened the passenger's door and pushed me in.
    I glared at him and tried to jump out.
    He slammed the door shut and locked it.
    I banged against the window and shouted cuss words at him.
    He walked around the car and opened the drivers door and got in. "Swearing is bad for the soul."
    I growled at him and looked out the window. "Shut up."

    The drive was quiet and annoying. He just kept glaring at the road ahead of us, never sparing a glance at me or in my direction.
    I liked it that way. I didnt want his cold eyes on me. They were like ice cubes that could freeze the sun over within seconds.
    He pulled in front of his house.
    I jumped. "Hey! Why are we here!? I thought you were going to drive me home!"
    He sighed and opened his door.
    I tried to open mine but it was still locked and the little button you hit to unlock it was nowhere to be seen. I began to panic and started to think that maybe Mister Ishi was going to hit me or something. I swallowed and jumped when I noticed his dark shadow leaning over my door as he opened it.
    He grabbed my arm and pulled me out into the rain, which was beating down harder then before.
    I yanked my arm away and glared at him. "Explain some of this s*** to me!"
    He rolled his eyes and grabbed me by my ear, pulling me along behind him.
    I yipped and grabbed on to his arm in a reflex. "Ouchy!" I whined.
    He opened the screen door and began unlocking the front door.
    I hit his arm and tried to get away without ripping my ear off in the process. "Let go!"
    He growled and opened the door. "Be quiet." He says throwing me in the house.
    I glared at him and rubbed my ear over. "That hurt you son of a-."
    He grabbed me by my chin and pushed me against a wall, his eyes burning holes into mine. "Cursing. Is. Bad. For. The. Soul." He spat.
    I nodded and swallowed.
    He narrowed his eyes and closed the door with his foot.
    I felt my heart race and I knew he could feel it from where his fingers were. He knew I feared him most right now.
    Samson tightened his grip.
    "Ack!" I yip.
    He smirked and leaned into my face. "You're so cute."
    I blushed but glared at him. "Let go of me." I order.
    He tilted his head and smiled. "Why? So you can run away again?"
    I wrinkled my nose. "D*** right!"
    He pulled my face forward then smacked it against the wall like I was a toy thing. "Don't swear!"
    I yelped and put my arms up and held my head.
    He chuckled and kissed my forehead. "Thank you."
    I held one eye closed as I looked up at him. "That hurt..." I whined.
    He grinned. "I know."
    "Then why did you do it?" I growl.
    "Because it's bad for your soul. I thought I told you this before."
    I looked away from him. "Whatever..."
    He pushed my head harder against the wall and chuckled. "Why did you run away after school was over?"
    I winced and swallowed. "Because I forgot something in my locker." I lie.
    He glared at me, not falling for it. "Bull crap!"
    I pushed him away. "Is not!"
    He stumbled back against the chair behind him ang growled at me. "You would push your teacher?"
    "You would beat on your student!?" I shout over ruling him with my voice.
    He narrows his eyes. "Tch..."
    "How can you... Why would you beat on someone that you love, and loves you back?" I hiss.
    He set his jaw and swallowed, about to say something.
    "No." I beat him to the punch. "Dont explain anything. I understand that I may have hurt you by running away from you today. But... Why would you beat on me?"
    "So you were running away..." He says his eyes softening.
    I nodded and crossed my arms over my chest. "Yeah. I dont know why. But I didnt want to be around you at the time... You're really pushy, you know that?"
    He smirked and nodded. "Yes... I apologize... I should know not to get too rough with you, since you take these things so personally."
    "Take them personally!? Your beating on one of your students! And pretty much sexually abusing him!" I blow up.
    Oh crap... I shouldnt have said that...
    He grinned and pushed me against the wall suddenly.
    I gasped and felt my head throb. "Ouch... Why did you do that!?"
    He chuckled and kissed my neck. "But I thought you liked the abuse."
    I tried to push him away. "I do... Sometimes. But other times you ask for it at the oddest of times."
    His grin widened. "Is it odd to ask for it now?"
    I blushed. "Eh..."
    He chuckled and kissed me softly. "I'll take that as a no."