• Mimi sighed, and the school bell finally rang. Mimi hated her life. It was like hell. She walked outside, hoping that her "gift" wouldn't affect her at school. If it did, she was revealed and who knows what would happen after that. Mimi got to a corner and sighed. Boy, in the summer is it hot. Mimi got to thinking about her gift. I.. I'm a witch. I hate it. I can cast portals and use the elements. Ugh, it just sucks. Suddenly some sign appeared above her head. "A portal?!" Mimi shouted and she was transported.

    Mimi landed in a room with several other people she knew. "What? Nikki, Dyllin, Izzy, and Sierra?" They all turned to her. "Mimi, where are we?" Dyllin demanded and she shrugged. "I have no idea. Being honest," Mimi said and mirrors appeared around them. "Welcome to my games." A girl's voice echoed. I know this voice... Mimi thought and yelled out the name.

    "Aubree?!" She screamed and looked around, the voice just explained. "Okay, in front of you there is a mirror, when you touch it, it reveals people to you, people you like, people you miss. The person or people you choose will have to look at a mirror themselves." It paused and everyone got in front of a mirror. "When they touch the magic mirror, if they see you, then they will be transported here to play the game with you."

    Mimi waited, and the voice continued. "Be careful what you wish for, you might regret it in the end. So touch the mirrors." Mimi reached out, and touched the mirror.