• “Here we are.” The Doctor said as we walked out. “It is March 5, 2009.Just where you came from. Just in time for your brilliant science class Cerridwen. You’ll find that your teacher is back.”
    “Nobody remembers about the box in the closet or anything?” Austin asked.
    “Nope,” the Doctor answered, “we went back in time and changed that. It never happened.”
    The late bell rang, a sound I thought I’d never hear.
    “You children better get to class, don’t want a tardy.” He said as he began to walk back towards the Tardis.
    “Doctor?” I asked. He turned around towards me, “Take me with you please. I need some more adventure.”
    “Sorry, I can’t.” he answered.
    “I just can’t” he answered.
    “You just “can’t”?” I quoted, “I don’t take that as a fair answer.”
    “Look, this isn’t a life for a person your age. You belong here.”
    “I don’t care! You know all my life, I have tried to find something like this, something out of the ordinary. Now I have found that. Please, just a couple of trips.” I stood there, hoping that he would give me the answer that I want.
    “Fine,” he said as I jumped with excitement, “But only a couple trips, got it!”
    I gave him a thumbs up. I turned towards Austin, “What about you?” I asked him.
    “Nah,” he answered, “I have things to do here. It was fun…ish though with the running.” I laughed at his answer. “Besides,” he continued, “I found my proof. I’m happy.” He turned towards the Doctor, “Bye Doctor, and thank you.” I watched him walk off to his class.
    “I should go home and tell my parents first.” I told the Doctor.
    “I don’t think so,” he said.
    “I have to and besides, I have a feeling that they’ll believe me…if you meet them.”
    After a while he agreed with me. I would go through the rest of the school day, go home and the Doctor would be there waiting, and then hopefully I could convince my parents to let me go on the journey of a lifetime.