• Glendale High School is like any other high school, it has it's share of cliques. When Lily and Jack walked in on their first day of freshman year they didn't know what to expect. They went to get their schedules when they bump into two upper clansmen, that's when they met Cameron and Cammi. "Hello, I am Cammi and this is Cameron, and we are Juniors, and also twins" Cammi had spoken. She gave off that "I am perky and fun" vibe while her brother gave off the "Touch my sister and I will hurt you" type of vibe. "Well I am Lily and this is Jack" Lily had pointed to herself then Jack. "Well welcome to Glendale, let's be friends Kay?" Cammi seemed too perky but they could deal with it. Lily and Jack looked at each other then answered "Sure, it's nice to have friends if you get lost."
    After school Lily and Jack were going to catch the bus when they spotted Cammi trying to get their attention, she had everyone else, people were moving around us while looking like we just got the plague. They walked over to them and said their greetings and Cammi asked if they wanted to go on a road trip next week. They of coarse hesitated but said sure. They turned back to the swarm of students when one came over to them and said "You do know their family is messed up and they do drugs, right?" Then he left. They got on the bus and they were thinking they don't give off that vibe.
    A week went by quickly and it was road trip time and they packed and put everything in Cammi's car early so they could leave right after school. After school they hopped in the car and started driving. Cammi immediately pulled out some weed and started smoking it when Lily and Jack sat in the back stiffly. They drove for about 5 hours straight when they arrived in the middle of nowhere, they found a forest or a place with trees to stop for a minute. Then Cameron pulled out some mushrooms and held them out to Cammi. Lily and Jack looked scared, but Cammi held up a bit and said "These are mushrooms, they make you feel funny and see things, it is so much fun" she explained. Jack and Lily took one, after 5 minutes they eat them and sat there totally out of it.
    Cammi waved a hand in front of Lily's eyes and Lil didn't even budge. Cammi and Cameron started laughing, while Jack went to use the bathroom. Then they heard a crash and a yell then silence. The remaining 3 ran to where Jack was and looked like they had seen a ghost. All color went from their face because what they saw scared them for life. Jack's body was pierced by sharp stump. He was dead they knew it and they ran back to the car.
    ~~~~~~~~~PART ONE END~~~~~~~~