• He woke up, not remembering what had happened. He thought to himself "had I been drinking? No, I couldn't have been. I hadn't had any alcoholic drinks available anyways. Drugs? No, still no connection." He thought of any possibility, and when nothing came to him, he started to get worried. His father came in sobbing, took one glance at him, exclaimed "it was you!" and ran out.

    His worry grew. He tried to chase his father and ask what he meant, but was already long gone. He rubbed his eyes and stepped into the washroom. He looked in the mirror, with a horrifying shock.

    His face was covered in blood. He looked down and noticed the rest of his body was as well. He had no idea what he would do, so he took a shower. Basically petrified, his eyes were wide open, watching the blood go down the drain. He was afraid.

    Suddenly he felt a large chill. He wasn't able to control himself. He stopped the water from the shower as a long tongue protruded from his mouth, licking the blood from his body. He grinned and said "what a wonderful day for a little snack".

    He walked out the door, looking around. There were people everywhere, watching him. He continued grinning with sharp triangular teeth. His eyes were all red. Everyone began to run away and scream. He chased them, like a cheetah after a gazelle.

    He caught up to one, tackling his victim to the ground. He dug his teeth into the victim which caused a large amount of pain. The prey let out a large yell. Someone watched terrified. He called 911 quickly.

    Police came to the area they were at. They just saw a dead, bloody, torn up body. There were 13 of the police, and all drew their guns. One exclaimed "he has to be around somewhere!"

    Just then, he landed on top of that police man, mauling him as well. The police all shot but the bullets did nothing but go through. It didnt harm him. So he grinned and proceeded to kill them all.

    He woke up again to find himself covered in blood. Not remembering a thing. All he knew, is that someone killed his brother the day before, and it wasn't him.