• I'm running bare foot on a bluff. I don't know why I am running. All I know is that I'm scared and don't want this to happen. But what is it that I don't want? As I get higher up the bluff, the sand turns to sharp rocks. That does not help my feet. Now they are bleeding and hurt like hell. But I keep running. Running from this guy. Who is he? I do not know. But I do know that he is dangerous and I want to stay away from him. But something also draws me to him. This is not right. I keep running as fast as I can, till I turn around to look at this guy. But I should have stopped running minutes ago. As I turned, my foot made the loose edges of the bluff collapse and tumble to the ground hundreds of feet below. Bringing me with them. As I fall, I try to grab anything I can. Luckily, I found something. Then I looked up. Bad choice. The guy was right there. Half hanging over the edge. Gripping my hand. But my mind was holding onto the illusion that I was holding onto a loose branch, and I was going to fall to my death any second. I close my eyes as I feel myself getting light. I must be dead now. Then I feel solid ground on my back. I open my eyes again to see a black sky...And Him. I can see black overcoming my vision. As I silently whisper, "Thank you" I drift into unconciousness.

    I wake up to the sound of gently flowing water. I open my eyes to find myself next to the man-made waterfall in my backyard. My brother knows me too well.

    I hear footsteps behind me; my heart races. They sounded all too familiar. I sit up and keep my back to the person. Then all I can hear if the waterfall.

    I feel a light hand on my shoulder making me jump to my feet, spinning around to come face to face with my annoying brother. "Oh, my, GOD! JOSH! You gave me a heart attack!" I yelled at him. He looked slightly ammused. All with that stupid smirk he gets when he plays his little games. To me, him and his games have to be THE most annoying thing in the world.

    "Sorry, Azra. Couldn't help myself!" He said laughing so hard he was bent over, holding onto the table to keep himself from falling.

    "Yea. We'll see how you like making that mistake." I spat at him.

    "Oh really?" He said with that smirk again. I rolled my eyes and lunged at him. He gasped as I tackled him to the ground. "So this is how it's going down?" He asked. I nodded with an evil glare.

    In just a few minutes, I had him straddled on the ground, holding his hands above his head on the ground. "Hey! You cheated!" He said as he tried squirming out from under me.

    I laughed evily, saying "Good luck. You know I'm stronger than you." I stuck my tongue out at him. One of his hands got free and he punched me in my gut. I fall to the ground next to him as he then pins me to the ground. "I have taught you well, little sister." He whispered in my ear. "But you still have lots to learn if you plan on ever beating me." I could hear the grin in his remark.

    "Ok fine. You win." I said, sighing. Josh gets off me and smiles in victory. I then add, "For now." Again, sticking my tongue out at him.

    He glares at me and says, "Bad move." I gave him a questioning look as he swiftly picks me up and hangs me over his shoulder.

    I gasp, "Josh! Put me down this isntant!" I tried to sound serious, but I was laughing too hard. He's laughing, too. He takes off my shoes and starts tickling my feet. I can't help but laugh even harder. I start hitting him in the back as hard as I can, but I don't seem to do much.

    Josh then plops me on the couch and continues tickling, but my sides this time. I'm laughing hysterically and do something that I didn't mean to. I kneed him in his groin. He doubles over onto the ground cursing at me.

    "Oops. Sorry." I said. Then added, "But you deserved it." And started laughing again.

    "You'll pay for this." He said, still in pain, but laughs too. I shake my head rolling my eyes and head upstairs to my room after getting Josh a pack of ice.

    I lay on my bed and stare up at the ceiling. I thought about as far back as I could remember. Which was last night when I was at the beach with Josh. I groaned in frustration. "Why the the hell can't I remember anything!?"

    I flopped onto my stomach and rested my head on my pillow. Laying there and thinking isn't going to help me mysteriously remember. Eventually I fell asleep, dreaming of blackness and that I was surrounded by it. Unable to escape. Hearing voices say "I'll find you."


    I grabbed my alarm clock and threw it across the room, it hitting the wall then falling to the ground. 'Oops.' I thought. I rubbed my eyes and got up and dressed. I was wearing my hot pink and purple zebra striped tank with my black short shorts. I went to my bathroom and brushed out my long black hair that rested just below the middle of my back. Then I applied eyeliner, mascara, and a light shade of pink eyeshadow.

    I smiled at my reflection, content with how I looked. I went down stairs into the kitchen. Josh was sitting at the table in the middle of the kitchen.

    "Well, isn't somebody up a little early on a weekend." He said. I looked at him a smiled.

    "Yes. I am. Problem with it?" I asked him.

    "As a matter of fact, no. It's just a little weird." He remarked, laughing a bit.

    "Oh..Well I've had a job for about two months now. Guess you just haven't been around much." I reached into different cabinets, getting out a bowl, cereal, and milk. I made my breakfast and sat at the table with him.

    "I guess not. I don't know. I've just been busy with stuff lately." He said glumly.

    I looked up at him through my bangs. He looked very upset. "Josh...?" He stood up from the table with suddenness. "Nevermind." Josh said, turned away from me and left the house.

    "What the F is his problem?" I asked myself. I shrugged and put my bowl in the sink. Walking into the livingroom, I slipped on my black ballet flats, grabbed my keys and left for work.


    This can be boring. Standing at a counter and serving people all the drinks they order. At least the drinks are amazingly delicious. I mean, when I had my first sip of their Minty Lou, OH MY GOD! I was like 'HEAVEN ON EARTH!' Haha.

    A few hours into work. Sigh.... "Hey! Azra!" I look at who is talking to me. It's one of my co-workers. I nod at her and wait for her to continue.

    "I have to take a break for a few minutes, could you handle these customers?" She asked me. I can't say no to an angel like her. She's just a few years younger than me and looks up to me like an older sister. So I gotta cover for her.

    "Yea, sure. Not a problem." I replied, smiling. She thanked me and left.

    Not too long after, this guy, about my age, walks in and takes a seat on the other side of the coffee house. I wait to see if he's going to order anything. Apparently not. But he is kinda creepy looking. And he won't quit staring at me. CREEPAH ALERT!

    I walk into the back room and grab my cell phone, just in case, and walk back out to the counter. I jumped a little because he was standing there. Waiting. I quickly stumbled over and asked what he wanted.

    "Hold on, just give me a few moments." His voice sounded like something words could not describe. But it made me melt. 'He even has an addicting scent to him. Oh no. He's too much of a creepah to be alluring! Damnit Azra! Get ur head together!' I had an internal battle with myself.

    I brought myself out from my head and noticed he was staring at me again. But with a very strange intensity. I looked around quickly and noticed it was just us two here. Alone. Crap.

    "Ummm...Can I help you?" I asked again. Looking him straight in the eyes.

    He nodded. Then what he said next caught me off guard.

    "I told you I'd find you."

    My body froze completely and my skin went dead cold. That's when everything came back to me. Me running, being chased, not wanting what ever it was to happen, falling, being saved, waking up at home not remembering a thing, sleeping later and hearing his voice say 'I'll find you.'

    s**t!!!! I yelled inside my head.