• Chapter 1: Aero's Birth
    Aero a very dark child born with a destiny........ to be the dark king. His parent took him to a palace of eight monks with magical powers to train aero through his years. Then his parents disappeared mysteriously. During his years at the palace he only made one friend Gingta who was at first the only one at the palace. They were born to be best friends forever. at the ages of nine they were trained to be great warriors. When they turned 18 they were going to be sent to the world of Zing on a mission......... kill the dark king. They were going to need much training to defeat him. He was the best of the best skilled in dark magic. What he didn't know was that in eighteen years a boy named Aero was going to kill him and take his thrown as dark king. You see the dark king was tormenting Zing and he had to be stopped. At the age of ten they got their weapons. Aero: two pitch black swords and on his back a mechanism with three holes in them. In the holes three eight foot long tails. Gingta: a big elemental sword that grows when he grows. It had the elements: water, fire, earth, and air. When he got older he would be able to fuse them to make light and dark. They would be trained long and hard to take control of their elements and fulfill their destinies. Aero's: become the dark king. Gingta's: be the first to master all elements and find his father.

    They would become the greatest warriors in space and in Zing.