A week has gone by. Today was finally the Cultral Festival! I can't wait! So far everything was going according to plan. Also our play is going quite nicely too."Zoey," Kaito said. "Were about to start the play soon, so please get your costume and head to the dressing room immediently."
    "Ok," I replied as i head straight there.
    "OMG! This dress is just too cute!" I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I was wearing a long red dress; low cut. The bottoms ruffled at the ends which made it PERFECT! I grabbed my eyeliner and began doing my make-up. I looked again at my reflection, until a knock came at the door.
    "Who is it," I called out.
    "Its Zack! Can I come in for a minute, It's important."
    "Come in," I replied. The knob on the door turned and Zack walked in. "Woah! You look.........WOW," Zack complimented. I slightly blushed. "Ummmmmm thanks," I said "So what's seems to be important?"
    "Oh yeah," Zack reminded. He handed me a small pink box. I was puzzled. "What's this," I asked. "Just open it," He said. doing as he requested I opened the tiny locks attached to the box. Down inside I clentching something small and pulled it out. "OH MY GOSH!!! WHAT A CUTE NECKLACE!" It was a red, heart shaped charm dangling on a skinny silver chain. "It's for good luck. You know..... on the play thing," Zack explained. "Here let me put it on you."
    He grabbed both ends of the chain and puts it around my neck. I could feel the warmth of his breath along side behing my ear. "He's too close," I thought, which made my heart race. "Hurry up," my inner voice cried.
    "There! I got it," Zack said. I turned around facing him. "Sooo.....what do you think," I asked.
    "I think it suits you perfectly." He said with a smile. I made some funny poses, you know the kind where you play around with the camera type pose. Zack chuckled. "Im glad," He said. I looked up. "About what?" "That you like the gift. It makes me really happy seeing you wear it," He replied. I gave him a gentle expression. "You know-" He began. "I know how you can make the necklace really lucky." I gave him a wierd reaction. "What? Lucky? How?" Zack walked over to me, and grasped the heart shaped charm, pulling it twards him, with me along with it. Lightly he pressed lips on it and looked up giving me a slight grin. "Oh how lucky that necklace was," I thought to myself. "I wanted to be that necklace. What I really wanted was his lips."

    "Well, see ya later," Zack said as he quickly exited the room. I stood frozen in shock. "What.....just.....happened," I said aloud. My body was filled with storms of emotions. I couldn't determine what I was feeling.
    All of a sudden the intercome came on for the evening announcements. "Good Morning All Students And Parents, And Welcome To Ridgeway's Cultral Festival! Please Enjoy Yourself To Some Games, Food, And Fun. Before I Forget Would The Actors Of Room 203 Please Report To The Classroom. The Play Is About To Start Momentarally. Thankyou!"
    "I guess I gotta get going," I muttered. I closed the room door behind me, and walked along the hall (which was crowded by the way. I barely made my way through.)

    [[Zoey walks in Room 203 as ordered. Dachii, Zack, and the others were already there.]]

    "Hey Everybody," I called out. Their faces turned to me. "WOOOW," Amy awed. "OH MY GOSH," Sota said after. Everybody began to huddle around me, except for Dachii who was trying to ignore me as much as possiable. I was a little freaked out. "Whats up with you guys surrounding me like this?" I asked. Everyones fingers began feeling my dress. "You look sooo pretty," Vanessa complemented. "Of course she does," Replied Zack. "Awwwwww thanks you guys," I said hugging them. Everyone giggled and laughed. Dachii turned around, annoyed by the over sessed noise. "Hey could you please keep the noise down your-" Dachii stopped. He was distracted by how great Zoey looked in her costume, he forgot what he was going to say. "She......shes so cute," He thought, and his face blushed. "Whats wrong Dachii," I asked, "Your face is all red. Do you have a fever? Here let me check."
    I walked over to Dachii trying to feel his forehead, but he just pushed me away. "I DONT HAVE A FEVER STUPID," He yelled. His face puffed in anger. "I'm going out for some fresh air." Dachii slammed the door behind him.
    The room became silent. "What's his problem," Amy spoke. Everyone shrugged. "I think I should go after him," I suggested. "It's my fault anyways."

    Down the hall, as fast as my little legs could carry. "Maybe if I run fast enough I can catch up with him," I thought. I searched around the school. No sign of Dachii. "I give up! I cant find him ANYWHERE!" I went up to the third floor of the school, going to my secret hideout: "The Roof"
    I always go there when im dealing with a problem. Just as I got there, by my surprise I saw Dachii. He was leaning against the gate, looking at the scenery. "I found you," I said cherfully, standing next to him. Dachii looked at me then quickly turned away. "What do you want," He grumbled.
    "I came here to look for you dummy," I replied. He didn't say anything after that. It was mostly quiet. Nothing but the sound of the wind and the birds chirping happily as they fly away. I had to say something or this conversation will take us nowhere. Finally I spoke. "I'm sorry Dachii. I was just worried about you that's all. But you didn't have to slam the door all mad." Dachii's sad eyes met mine. "You were worried?,"
    "Of course I was. I mean I know you hate me and think Im annoying, but I had to see whats up with your attitude." I gave Dachii the biggest smile I can. He blushed again. "I cant take it anymore," Dachii thought to himself. "I can't continue to hide this sudden urge welt up inside me."

    "Hey Dachii lets get going, the play is about to start soon." Dachii just stood there giving me a cold stare. "Ummm Dachii....." Dachii walked twards me. Closer and closer. I was getting kind of scared. Slowly and steady i try to move back, giving myself room. Before I knew it my back was up against the wall. I couldn't escape. I was in his trapped. Dachii slammed his hands on the wall, one hand to my left and the other to my right. My heart was pounding hard like drums.
    What's Dachii doing? My mind was in a panic.
    His eyes still glared at me. "Maybe I dont wanna go back," Dachii said harshly. I was too afraid and choked up to speak. "You know-" He spoke, "You disgust me so bad, I just can't take it anymore". Dachii took his hand and grabbed a hold of the lower part of my chin. His grip was hard.
    I moved my head trying to break free, but I was no match for him. Quickly, and without hesitation Dachii placed his lips on mine.
    "WHAT THE HELL WAS HE DOING?! I know I kissed Dachii before but somehow this was different. My eyes were starting to close little by little. I wanted to move away but my mind and body felt like it only wanted him. He bagan putting his arms around me, our lips still touching. This time this wasn't a rehearsal, IT WAS FOR REAL! A warm feeling overwhelmed me. I kinda liked that feeling, but such confusing thoughts entered my head .
    "Dachii why? If I disgust you that bad, then why are you doing this?"

    The speaker on the intercome suddenly came on. "Would the actors of Room 203 please report to the stage, we will be starting the play in 5 minutes. Thank-you."
    Dachii pulled away from me. He walked away without saying a word. I was left there shocked, stunned, and alone.